Medialooks Video Transport v1.5

이제 SRT 프로토콜의 우선순위를 지정하고 Forward Error Correction (FEC) 지원을 추가하여 안정성을 향상시킵니다.
11월 18, 2019 - 16:41
신규 버전


  • Prioritizes SRT protocol as the default:
    • Auto port forwarding was added to initiate SRT mode by entering “auto” in the Port field.
    • Removing “auto” from the port field automatically reverts to the WebRTC protocol with H.264 codec.
    • You can manually specify the port and set it to use SRT protocol if required.
  • Adds Forward error correction (FEC) support to increase reliability.
  • Publish to any browser available device (web-cams, phone cams, DirectShow devices and all NDI sources) right from the web-link without installing or logging in to your VTServer. The link is generated at the Receiver point and can be passed on to allow streaming on other PCs or mobile devices.
  • Secure steaming content and work environments with “partners licenses” which limit access to your account for external companies or users.
Medialooks Video Transport

Medialooks Video Transport

공중(public) 인터넷에서 가능한 원격 비디오 제작, 저-지연(low-latency) 비디오 전송.

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