DevExtreme 19.2.5

Data Grid, Tree List 및 UI Widgets를 향상시킵니다.
12월 19, 2019 - 15:11
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DevExtreme Core

  • Angular Ivy - The "Adapter for a DevExpress Validator component cannot be configured." error occurs if Validator is defined
  • Content and view queries don't work when import paths of the module and component are different
  • Nested components do not reset DevExtreme widget options if the NgIf directive is used

DevExtreme Data Grid

  • Dashboard - The "We found a problem with some content" error occurs when opening an *.xlsx file exported from the embedded DataGrid
  • The Wave accessibility tool displays the "Broken ARIA reference" error for the "aria-describedby" attribute on certain elements
  • A custom cell template has an incorrect border when focusedRowEnabled: true in the Material theme
  • Accessibility - The "Missing form label" error is generated for the Filter Row and the Search Bar inside the Column Chooser
  • CustomStore - Data is reloaded after resizing columns if the scrolling mode is "virtual" and wordWrapEnabled is "true"
  • Dragged row displays a box larger than DataGrid if a horizontal scrollbar is enabled
  • It is impossible to select a row by clicking a selection check box if the row is being edited
  • It is not possible to edit a cell when the repaintChangesOnly option is enabled together with the virtual scrolling mode and virtual rowRenderingMode options
  • It is not possible to focus the Pager element if rows are grouped
  • onOptionChanged shows columns in a wrong order
  • Row Dragging - Dragged data grid row has unnecessary visual elements when defaultOptions is specified.
  • The clearFilter() method call throws the "Cannot read property 'filter' of null" error when the dataSource is not specified
  • The error occurs after dynamically changing filterValue and selectedFilterOperation options
  • The last edited row replaces one of grid rows after the control is scrolled down if the virtual rowRenderingMode option and the cell editing mode are enabled
  • The Loading Panel is not hidden after an end-user unfixes a column when the infinite scrolling feature is enabled
  • The onFocusedRowChanged event handler is not executed if the focused row is defined in the contentReady event handler
  • The onRowValidating event doesn't provide information about rules on other pages
  • The widget doesn't allow a user to edit a boolean column in Cell edit mode without losing focus from another column's editor
  • The widget validates the entire row after editing a cell for which the setCellValue function is set
  • DataGrid displays an empty view when page size is large and the rowRenderingMode option is set to virtual
  • DataGrid does not discard changes if a new row is inserted and the widget has a row in editing mode
  • DataGrid flickers when an end user scrolls and focuses rows (the focusedRowEnabled option should be enabled)
  • DataGrid makes excessive unique server requests when the scrollbar thumb is moved quickly and virtual scrolling is enabled
  • DxDataGrid - Filter row filtering is not working properly in virtual mode
  • The E0110 error appears when setCellValue is defined for a column and repaintChangesOnly is enabled
  • The validation message doesn't appear if an invalid row is on another page

DevExtreme Data Visualization

  • Argument axis doesn't display strips when both startValue and endValue are specified
  • Automatic scale breaks are not applied in the case of large axis values
  • The ExportTo method deletes a widget after the export
  • HTML JS Dashboard - It is impossible set the logarithmic scale - The "M 49 NaN L 150 NaN L …" error is shown

DevExtreme Diagram

  • Cannot bind a connector from a node to a container programmatically

DevExtreme Gantt

  • A layout is broken when band columns are used
  • The OnContentReady event is not raised
  • A Javascript error occurs after all tasks are collapsed

DevExtreme Pivot Grid

  • The Grand Totals column is not computed for expanded columns when remoteOperation is enabled
  • The value(true) method does not have an API to check if post processing is used
  • PivotGrid doesn't display data in grand total columns if a column is expanded
  • PivotGrid raises the "this._contentReadyAction is not a function" error when views are changed in the Angular application

DevExtreme Scheduler

  • An appointment is jumping from the bottom cell after dragging it to the upper cell
  • Appointment Range incorrectly displays after extending an appointment's range and dragging the appointment back to its original position
  • Appointments are not dropped correctly when Escape is pressed during dragging
  • Overlapping appointments would cause duplicate items to appear on the appointment collector when the Scheduler width is small
  • The "Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token" error occurs in the Custom Templates demo for Angular
  • The appointment form is opened with a delay on Android
  • The 'Cannot read property 'option' of undefined' error occurs when opening the editing popup for the second time if a few items are hidden using onAppointmentFormCreated
  • The Date Selector behavior is inconsistent when the max date is specified and the first DayOfWeek is set to 0 and 1
  • The Start date of a recurrent appointment is incorrect after the appointment size is changed
  • The widget incorrectly renders an appointment popup on iOS under certain conditions
  • Scheduler displays an unexpected "W0001 - dxScheduler - 'dropDownAppointmentTemplate' option is deprecated in 19.2" error when an appointment collector opens
  • Scheduler incorrectly visualizes recurring events when crossing DST

DevExtreme Tree List

  • dxTreeList shows a scrollbar when moving focus to the previous/next line using onFocusedCellChanging
  • Children are not loaded programmatically after an update to version 19.1 in a certain scenario
  • Search panel text is not displayed after restoring the widget state
  • The clearFilter() method doesn't remove text from the search panel

DevExtreme UI Widgets

  • Angular Ivy - The "Adapter for a DevExpress Validator component cannot be configured." error occurs if Validator is defined
  • ButtonGroup - buttonTemplate does not respond to the click action
  • DateBox - A validation error is cleared on changing the min or max option's value
  • DateBox - The "Uncaught TypeError: Failed to execute 'getComputedStyle' on 'Window': parameter 1 is not of type 'Element'." error occurs when both showClearButton and readOnly options are enabled
  • DateBox is not closed by the Esc key press when an internal editor is focused
  • Drawer - Navigation panel disappears if openedStateMode is 'overlap' and position is 'right'
  • DropDownBox - The widget incorrectly displays its popup element if dropDownOptions.fullScreen is set to true
  • DxSelectbox doesn't close when navigated using the IOS keypad navigation icon
  • Form - The "... widgetInstance.reset is not a function" error occurs when using the resetValues method
  • List - Focus works for disabled items in a certain scenario
  • List - The "Cannot read property 'disabled' of null" error occurs when selecting all items if a particular item is null
  • Lookup - The loading panel is not shown when the search operation is performed
  • NumberBox - The widget inserts numeric characters into its input element when typing if these characters are enclosed in two single quotation marks in the format option value
  • Popover - Shading overlay has an incorrect position
  • Slider - The thumb goes beyond the widget's boundaries when changing step in onValueChanged
  • SpeedDialAction throws the "Maximum call stack size exceeded" exception in Angular
  • TabPanel opens the first tab on a content click if it contains another TabPanel
  • TagBox - The valueChanged event occurs when a dropdown opens
  • Tooltip ignores a hiding event when several tooltips are displayed very fast
  • TreeView - Certain files throw an error if keyExpr data contains double underscores


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