HarePoint Workflow Extensions for SharePoint 2.16

FTP 폴더에 문서를 업로드/다운로드하는 새로운 작업을 포함합니다.
1월 02, 2020 - 15:25
신규 버전


  • New actions and conditions added:
    • Add Watermark To Word Document.
    • Download Documents from FTP Folder.
    • Upload Documents to FTP Folder.
  • New actions to manage Active Directory objects with SharePoint workflows:
    • Find Objects in Active Directory by Query.
    • Get/Set Object’s Attribute from Active Directory.
    • Get/Set Object’s Multivalued Attribute from Active Directory.
  • Other updates and improvements:
    • FTP related actions now use FluentFTP library.
    • Update List Item at URL now tries to update list items several times when a save conflict occurs.
    • Create Mail Contact in Active Directory can now create a contact even if the organization does not have Microsoft Exchange deployed.
    • Get/Set User’s Attribute in Active Directory now also works with contacts.
    • New Get/Set Site Property option: Request access e-mail.
    • Added ability to send POST request with an empty body in Send HTTP Post Request.
    • New hidden parameter LogResponse in Send HTTP Get/Post Request.


  • Set User's Attribute in Active Directoryaction now correctly updates the canonicalName attribute to allow object renaming.
  • Bug in Send Meeting Request action has been fixed.
  • Delete All User Permissions at URL has been fixed to avoid conflicts with other workflows.
  • Type editor in Set Object’s Multivalued attribute has been changed from TextArea to ParameterNames.
  • Minor bugfix in Document Conversion Service Worker.
  • Get Field Value: Fixed getting user type fields.
  • Fixed autodiscover flow for Office 365.
HarePoint Workflow Extensions for SharePoint

HarePoint Workflow Extensions for SharePoint

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