Aspose.PDF for Java V20.1

스탬프 주석에서 텍스트를 추출하는 기능을 추가합니다.
1월 24, 2020 - 10:46
신규 버전


  • Added the ability to extract text from stamp annotations.


  • PCL to PDF - OutOfMemoryError occurred.
  • PCL to PDF - Program hangs keeps running without generating file.
  • Exception CrossTableNotFoundException while getting the page.
  • Merging XFDF with the PDF template produces all checkboxes unchecked.
  • NullPointerException on parsing annotation with 3D content.
  • PDF to EPUB - Resultant file is not correct.
  • HTML to PDF - Float not working.
  • PDF to HTML - Static text appears as Hyperlink.
  • PDF to DOC - Text line missing.
  • SVG to PDF - Image displaced.
  • EPUB to PDF - Exception during conversion.
  • NullPointerException.
Aspose.PDF for Java

Aspose.PDF for Java

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