SpreadJS 13.0.7

수식 지원 및 메모리 소비를 향상시킵니다.
March 13, 2020 - 8:50
신규 버전


  • Error with cell references to other sheets.
  • Increased memory consumption opening/closing dialogs.
  • Increased memory consumption creating and destroying spread instances.
  • DeletedItem property missing from TableRowsChanged event when deleting a table row.
  • MIN formula showing different results between Spread and Microsoft Excel.
  • Data not being cleared when using sheet.fromJSON.
  • CommaStyle format in Designer is different from Excel.
  • HyperLink CellType has incorrect hit position when the cell has padding.
  • Error when there is a number value in a table total row, and it is exported to Excel.
  • Hidden, frozen rows are visible when the generated JSON is opened in Spread.
  • COUNTIF result is different between Spread and Excel if there is “\r\n” in any of the values.
  • Undo causes cell validation to move to different cells.
  • Fill backColor to “no color” does not work in Designer.
  • Certain user interactions for setting a filter cause the filter dialog to be blank.
  • Date formatted text does not get converted to Date values.
  • SUMIFS result is different between Spread and Excel.


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