ComponentOne Studio WinForms 2020 v1

CalcEngine for .NET을 사용하여 수식식을 구문 분석하고 평가합니다.
4월 07, 2020 - 16:59
신규 버전


  • New FilterEditor component shares the DataFilter Engine and enables end-users to easily build category-based and/or filter expressions. The control can be bound to a data source and it will automatically provide visual options to create expressions based on available fields. Complex expressions can be created using a combination of AND\OR operators and a set of available filters.
  • Parse and evaluate expressions like Microsoft Excel with CalcEngine for .NET Standard.
    • Calculate the sales projections or do calculations to find patterns in data.
    • Load data from Microsoft Excel into a datagrid and show computed values in cells.
    • Evaluate algebraic expressions, mathematical functions, and formulas using variables.
    • Perform CrossSheet reference and computation.
  • FlexGrid Enhancements:
    • Improved Error Validation: The validation feature of FlexGrid has become more powerful with enhanced support for DataAnnotations like Required, StringLength, Range, Compare.
    • Incrementally Load Data using Data Virtualization: Useful when working with a large amount of data or data over a network.
  • New and improved charts with FlexChart: You can now use FlexCharts inside FlexPivot for visual data analysis using the new FlexPivotChart control.
  • Improved data analysis with TopN and BottomN filters: The TopN filter enables users to find leading and lagging elements from data.
Parse and Evaluate Formulaic Expressions using CalcEngine.

ComponentOne Studio WinForms

애플리케이션 개발의 모든 측면에 대한 Windows 형식 컴포넌트의 완전한 컬렉션을 유지합니다.

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