LEADTOOLS Multimedia Suite SDK v21

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8월 28, 2020 - 15:01
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New in the LEADTOOLS Multimedia Engine

  • Multimedia SDK Updates
    • Faster ISO format capture and conversion.
    • New live audio processor to detect and fill dropped audio samples.
  • Updates to Streaming SDK
    • MPEG-2 transport error detection option added to the LEAD MPEG-2 Transport Multiplexer.
    • Streaming server can use MPEG-2 Transport files for all protocols.
    • Streaming server can use DICOM files as source files.
  • Updates to Media Foundation Components
    • New Media Foundation target formats:
      • 3GP: Video (H264) - Audio (AAC and AMRNB).
      • MP3.
      • MPEG-2: Video (H264, HEVC) - Audio (AAC, AAC-ADTS, AC3, MP3, and MPEG-2 Audio).
      • WAVE: Audio only (MP3, PCM, and FLOAT).
      • FLAC.
      • FMPEG4: Video (H264) - Audio (AAC, AC3, and ALAC).
      • AVI: Video (Uncompressed video colors, M-JPEG) - Audio (PCM).
      • MPEG-2 Transport: Video (H264 and HEVC) - Audio (AAC, AAC-ADTS, AC3, MP3, and MPEG-2 Audio).
      • ADTS: Audio (AAC and AAC-ADTS).
      • AC-3: Audio (Dolby AC-3 Audio).
    • Update Media Foundation targets with new audio and video formats
      • MP4: Added audio formats (AC3, ALAC, and FLAC).
      • MKV: Added new video formats (VP8 and VP9) and new audio format (OPUS).
    • Added support for .webm format to LEAD MKV media source.
    • Added support to select between available hardware and software encoders.
    • Added new decoders, encoders and target format:
      • LEAD MCMW Decoder.
      • LEAD MJ2K Decoder.
      • LEAD MCMP Decoder.
      • LEAD MJPEG Decoder.
      • LEAD MJPEG Encoder.
      • AVI Target format.

New in LEADTOOLS Imaging Engine

  • Xamarin Camera
    • Added control of preview size and frame rate.
  • New Image Processing Functions
    • Extract Object - Extracts connected groups of pixels from an image.
    • Canny Edge Detector.
    • Forms Field Detector.
  • Updates to Formats
    • Optimized memory usage for J2K format.
    • Expanded J2K support to include some files that do not follow the specification.
    • Added support to load 8-bit TIFF and PNG files with 8-bit alpha for transparency.
    • Added support for ANSI, UTF7, UTF8, UTF16LE, UTF16BE encoded text files.
    • Added support to load CGM files saved with text encoding.
    • Added support to render Medium Map Overlay for AFP (MODCA) documents.

Additional Changes

  • New powerful Xamarin demos that show more features of LEADTOOLS in a Xamarin development environment. These new demos are designed to look like end-user applications, but the source code for them is included so that anyone can get a head start. Below are some of the new demos included in version 21:
    • Annotations Demo.
    • Barcode Demo.
    • Business Card Reader Demo.
    • Camera Demo.
    • Converter Demo.
    • DICOM Demo.
    • Document Viewer Demo.
    • Image Processing Demo.
    • Live Filter Demo.
    • MICR Demo.
    • OCR Demo.
  • Maven repository for Android.

Changes to the LEADTOOLS Product Line in Version 21

  • The following products have been renamed:
    • LEADTOOLS Document Imaging to LEADTOOLS Document.
    • LEADTOOLS Recognition Imaging to LEADTOOLS Recognition.
    • LEADTOOLS Document Imaging Suite to LEADTOOLS Document Suite.
    • LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging to LEADTOOLS Medical.
    • LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging Suite to LEADTOOLS Medical Suite.
  • The following products have been added.
    • LEADTOOLS Forms - includes all features of the LEADTOOLS Recognition product, including ICR, MICR, MRZ, and OMR, plus forms recognition and processing.
  • The following products have been removed.
    • LEADTOOLS PACS Imaging - functionality moved into the LEADTOOLS Medical product.
    • LEADTOOLS Medical Multimedia Module - functionality moved into the LEADTOOLS Medical product.
    • LEADTOOLS Dental Display Module.
  • The LEADTOOLS Document Suite and the Medical family of products include all features of LEADTOOLS Multimedia.
LEADTOOLS Multimedia Suite SDK

LEADTOOLS Multimedia Suite SDK

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