HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint 16.9

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1월 12, 2021
신규 버전


  • Added: List item and document metadata collection. Corresponding fields will be added to all reports automatically (if data exists).
  • Added: The ability to add custom reports. Custom reports act as regular built-in reports: they can be added to web parts, included in subscriptions and you can assign access rights to them.
  • Added: New skipadditionalfieldsformultifarm policy which is on by default to avoid problems with custom fields in AD, User profiles, List item metadata and Document metadata in case no data is available in such fields or if some fields are missing.
  • Added: New encryptadditionaluserinfo policy which is responsible for encrypting additional fields in user data, such as Department for AD and SP and links to the User Profile in Microsoft SharePoint User Profiles.
HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint

HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint

SharePoint 사이트 및 포털을 위한 효과적인 웹-분석 솔루션.

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