HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint 16.11

SharePoint 사용 데이터 보기 및 관리를 위한 Power BI 템플릿을 추가합니다.
7월 19, 2021
신규 버전


  • Added Power BI templates for viewing and managing Microsoft SharePoint usage data collected by HarePoint Analytics.
  • You can now use Power BI as an alternate way to create, manage and view reports from HarePoint Analytics. You just need to have the Power Bi Desktop installed, connect a HarePoint Analytics database as a datasource, and you will obtain a set of dashboards that provide comprehensive details regarding your SharePoint environment:
    • Infrastructure: farm-wide statistics.
    • Site collections: all site collections and their sites.
    • Sites: all sites and their pages.
    • Visits: visits statistics.
    • Users: users activity details.
    • Documents: all document libraries and documents in them.
    • List Items: all lists and their list items.
    • Search: search usage details.
    • Performance: server performance reports.
    • Social: statistics for using social features.
  • Added a new column with a file size of the actual version of the document.
  • Added new 'Label' field to distinguish subscriptions with the same displayed parameters in reports subscriptions.
  • Optimized the operation with activation/deactivation of the data collection feature for site collections in the HarePoint Analytics diagnostics utility.
  • Updated product documentation.
HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint

HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint

SharePoint 사이트 및 포털을 위한 효과적인 웹-분석 솔루션.

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