Infragistics Ignite UI for Angular 12.1.0

Grid 현지화를 개선하고 새로운 Accordion 및 Pagination 구성 요소를 추가합니다.
8월 05, 2021 - 10:30
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  • Improved Angular Docs Look and Feel
    • Fast and precise access to relevant information using new global search.
    • Improved page load time and added a clear navigation structure that helps readers locate information quickly.

Angular Components

  • Angular Accordion Component - A GUI component for building vertical expandable panels with clickable headers and associated content sections, displayed in a single container.
  • Angular Pagination Component - The Pagination component enables the user to select a specific page from a range of pages and to determine how many records you should see on each page.
  • Angular Date Times support Japanese Full-Width Numbers - Angular Editors now support IME input. When typing in an Asian language, the control will display input method compositions and candidate lists directly in the control’s editing area and immediately re-flow surrounding text as the composition ends.
  • Angular Date and Time Picker Sample - Added a sample for using Angular Date Picker and Time Picker together. When they are bound to one and the same Date object value, you can get both of them working together as a Date and Time Picker Component.

Angular Grids: Grid, Tree Grid and Hierarchical Grid

  • Updated Grid Export to Microsoft Excel Service - It is now possible to export a Grid with defined multi-column headers. All headers are reflected in the exported Excel file as they are displayed in the Grid.
  • Add a Column input or passing additional data/state in the template contexts of the column - Added a new input property to the column component which allows users to pass additional properties in the template context object of the column itself like cell, header, editing, etc.
  • Add a new cell-like object API for Angular data grids - By default the Grid uses in-cell editing and different editors can be shown based on column data type thanks to the default cell editing template. In addition, you can define your own custom templates.
  • Add Grouping Pipe and Group Area for Angular Tree Grid - The tree grid grouping pipe groups data based on parameters and the resulting hierarchy is displayed in a separate column. The pipe can also calculate aggregated values for the generated parent rows if aggregations are provided.
  • Add a batch editing input to Angular Grid - A Batch Editing feature is now available through an input.

Angular Grid Localization

  • Ignite UI for Angular i18n package comes with 10 new languages - Ignite UI for Angular now ships with resource strings for the following languages and scripts:
    • Bulgarian.
    • Czech.
    • Danish.
    • Dutch.
    • French.
    • German.
    • Hungarian.
    • Italian.
    • Japanese.
    • Korean.
    • Polish.
    • Portuguese.
    • Romanian.
    • Spanish.
    • Swedish.
    • Turkish.
    • Traditional Chinese (zh-Hant) and Simplified Chinese (zh-Hans).
Accordion Component

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