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9월 21, 2021 - 9:28
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  • Multi-level Grouping - The MultiGrouping grid feature allows the Grid Panel to display the Store data that is grouped by multiple groupers.
  • Grouping Panel - This plugin allows your end-users to drag and drop grid columns to the grouping panel section that is visible above the grid panel. The user can move the dimensions in the grouping panel in whichever order they want.
  • Summaries for Grid Groups and Total - The new Grid Summary feature allows users to define functions for aggregation such as Sum, Min, Max, Average, Count and more for each column. This also allows users to set the position of the group summary for easy viewing.
  • Filterbar - Added a new docked bar under the grid headers which will allow the filtered fields and configurations for each column to be easily viewable.
  • New KitchenSink examples - This release will bring new Grid examples in KitchenSink to help show how to configure and use the new 4 Grid features.
    • Modern - Multi level grouping and Summaries.
    • Modern - Grid Filterbar.
    • Classic - Multi level grouping and Summaries.
    • Classic - Grid Filterbar.
  • New Data Grid examples - Added new collections of interactive Grid examples:
    • Grid Classic examples.
    • Grid Modern examples.
  • ExtReact and dependent packages have been updated to 7.4.0 and to be compatible with Ext JS 7.4.0. Updated to use Sencha's new Ext JS runtime npm packages.
  • ExtReact KitchenSink examples have been updated with new ExtJS 7.4 features.
  • Tree grouped grid Example has been added in the KitchenSink. This example includes Multi-level Grouping, Grouping Panel and Grouping Summary.
  • Grid FilterBar Example has been added in the KitchenSink. This example includes the new grid plugin gridfilterbar.
  • ExtReact KitchenSink Example has been updated to latest packages version.
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