FusionCharts Suite XT - FusionCharts v3.18 및 FusionTime v2.6 포함

Angular 및 Vue 통합을 개선하고 새로운 접근성 테마를 추가하여 WCAG 2.1 호환 차트를 만듭니다.
9월 22, 2021 - 9:56
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  • New in FusionCharts 3.18
    • Improved Angular and Vue Integration Components: With this release, the FusionCharts’ Angular and Vue integration components have been improved to support the latest version of Angular with NGCC and Ivy. Similarly, the Vue component now supports Vue3.
    • Accessibility Theme to make FusionCharts WCAG 2.1 compliant: Introduced an accessibility theme enabling developers to create WCAG 2.1 compliant charts.
    • Improved Microsoft Excel/CSV Export: Improved data format consistency for Excel/CSV export format and column headers across multiple charts.
    • API events and methods Improvements: Enhanced several API events and methods making charts more responsive and mobile-friendly.
    • Improvements across axis, legend: Improved and enhanced multiple chart components, addressing key customer requests.
  • New in FusionTime 2.6
    • Weekly Data Binning: Added weekly binning to the time axis enhancing the data experience enabling developers to configure time axis binning multipliers as the weekly time unit.
    • Improved Space Management: Includes several improvements to the chart’s space management making charts more responsive and mobile-friendly.
    • Improvements across API events and methods, zooming/panning, and data store: Added improved and enhanced multiple chart components as requested by customers.
FusionCharts Suite XT

FusionCharts Suite XT

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