Aspose.Words for Java V21.10

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10월 21, 2021 - 15:42
신규 버전


  • Added the ability to work with gradient stops in gradient fills.
  • Added API to set the opacity of an image shape.
  • Added new StructuredDocumentTag - control Appearance.
  • Added API to add/remove gradient color fill for text.
  • Added gradient fill support for shapes.
  • Added the ability to ignore footnotes in Range.Replace.
  • Added Fill.OneColorGradient() method.
  • Added API to set shading fill and patterns for table.
  • Added Fill.TextureAlignment property.
  • Added gradient fill support for WordArt shapes.
Aspose.Words for Java

Aspose.Words for Java

Microsoft Word를 활용 하지 않고도 Word 문서를 열람, 수정, 작성합니다.

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