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XML 그리드 보기를 개선하고 XBRL용 OIM 1.0에 대한 지원과 Windows 11과의 호환성을 추가합니다.
10월 27, 2021 - 16:09
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  • Support for Microsoft Windows 11 - XMLSpy now supports running on Windows 11.
  • New exit mode options - The first time you exit XMLSpy after installing version 2022, you will now be able to select how you wish to deal with unsaved changes. You can then change your selection any time using the Tools > Options menu. When exiting the software, options now include:
    • Show a save prompt for modified files before exiting. Next time XMLSpy will start with no documents open.
    • Show a save prompt for modified files and remember currently open files. These will be restored on the next software start.
    • Do not save the file(s) but preserve modifications. The program exits directly without saving unsaved modifications. On relaunch of the program, all files that were open on exit will be opened, and they will contain the unsaved modifications. It would be as if you were continuing where you left off.
  • Significant performance improvements in the new Grid View - Improved performance in the new Grid View.
  • Sticky header when scrolling in Grid View - Added a new “sticky” header option to Grid View which allows you to easily scroll through large documents.
    • As you scroll down an XML or JSON document in Grid View and the top-level node goes out of the view window, a header bar appears at the top of Grid View and shows that top-level node. As you scroll further down, more ancestor elements of the node currently at the top of the view window will be displayed in the header bar.
    • If you click any one of the nodes in the header bar, that node will be selected and displayed in the view window.
  • Whitespace indicators in Grid View - Added a new option in Grid View Settings which allows you to display whitespace in the graphical view. Each character of white space is indicated clearly with special dots. This is useful for certain types of documents where space is significant.
  • Options to preserve whitespace when pretty-printing - Users now have the option for pretty printing to preserve or collapse significant whitespace, i.e., that which occurs within an element, attribute, or processing instruction. If this option is set to Collapse, you can, however, still preserve whitespace in specific elements by adding these elements to the Preserve whitespace list.
  • Support for BSON (Binary JSON) in JSON Schema - XMLSpy now supports BSON type selection in the graphical JSON Schema editor. This will allow seamless support for developers working with MongoDB data. When you enable BSON support during JSON Schema editing in XMLSpy, BSON datatypes become available for JSON objects, properties, and array items.
  • Ability to save expressions directly in the XPath/XQuery window - When reusing XPath/XQuery expressions and snippets, users can now save them directly in the window and then load them again as needed.
  • Support for OIM (Open Information Model) 1.0 for XBRL - Added support for OIM 1.0 for XBRL which supports validation of reports in XML, JSON and CSV, as well as one-click conversion between those formats.
  • Option to preload standard XBRL schemas - Some XBRL taxonomies (e.g., EBA 3.0 COREP_LCR_DA_CON) do not use the schemaLocation attribute for the generic links schemas in some linkbases and require manual pre-configuration. A new option has been added to preload additional standard Formula and/or Table schemas which eliminates this extra step.
  • Settings to configure XBRL validation message limits/traces - Sometimes during XBRL validation and formula execution the list of messages and traces returned is so long that it’s truncated before significant issues are reported.
    • Added new options which allow you to increase or decrease the assertion trace limit and/or trace unsatisfied assertions only.
    • You can also change the number of XBRL validation errors reported as required from the default value of 100.
  • Support for additional database versions - XMLSpy now supports the latest versions of the following databases in addition to previous versions:
    • IBM DB2 11.5.
    • MySQL 8.0.25.
    • PostgreSQL 13.
    • SQLite 3.35.5.
  • Integration with the newest versions of Eclipse - Added support for Eclipse 4.19, 4.20 and 4.21.
Adds support for OIM (Open Information Model) 1.0 for XBRL.

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