IronPDF for .NET 2021.11

Chrome 렌더러를 사용할 때 더 많은 이미지 포맷을 지원합니다.
11월 05, 2021 - 13:17
신규 버전


  • Updates Google Chrome and PDFium (includes many Chrome browser security updates and rendering improvements).
  • Adds WebGL support for Linux (requires enabling of GPU hardware utilization) when using Chrome renderer.
  • Adds option for enabling of GPU hardware utilization (Installation.ChromeGpuMode) when using Chrome renderer.
  • Adds Chrome render option "ApplyMarginToHeaderAndFooter" which will apply user-specified margin values to headers and footers.
  • Adds Chrome render option "MaxHeight" (property of a header or footer) will allow a user to specify the maximum height of headers and/or footers.
  • Adds "FitToPageAndMaintainAspectRatio" when stamping images onto an existing PDF document.
  • Adds support for more image formats when using Chrome renderer.
  • Form elements generated with Chrome renderer will now also preserve the name tag specified in html, if any.
  • Improves compatibility within headless environments (Xvfb or other virtual frame buffers are no longer required to render PDFs) when using Chrome renderer.
  • Improves logic when positioning and sizing headers and footers when using Chrome renderer.
  • Improves functionality for converting images to PDF documents and PDF documents to images (now uses Chrome renderer).
  • Improves log messages and prevents unnecessary exceptions in some cases.
IronPDF for .NET

IronPDF for .NET

.NET 애플리케이션 내 PDF에서 콘텐츠를 생성, 편집 및 추출합니다.

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