Kendo UI + Telerik UI for ASP.NET (MVC & Core) R3 2021 SP1

Visual Studio 2022에 대한 지원을 추가하고 PanelBar, Grid 및 TreeList를 향상시킵니다.
11월 15, 2021 - 11:21
신규 버전


  • Common
    • Added new PivotGridV2.
    • Added support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2022.
    • Updated Classic Theme Package (v4.42.0).
    • Updated Bootstrap Theme Package (v4.42.0).
    • Updated Default Theme Package (v4.42.0).
    • Updated Material Theme Package (v4.42.0).
    • Added support for Microsoft .NET 6.
  • ColorPicker
    • Added RGB input, Gradient/Palette Views, Contrast Tool and Update rendering.
  • Grid
    • Added Fit All Columns Width to Content.
    • Added multi-sort CTRL+Click behavior.
    • Added support for Non-String Fields in Grid's Search Panel.
  • PanelBar
    • Updated PanelBar rendering and CSS classes.
  • TreeList
    • Added keyboard navigation to Treelist Pager.
  • PdfProcessing
    • Now handles importing documents containing entries with duplicated object number in more than one subsection.
  • WordsProcessing
    • DocxFormatProvider: Added support for hyperlinks on images.
Kendo UI + Telerik UI for ASP.NET (MVC & Core)

Kendo UI + Telerik UI for ASP.NET (MVC & Core)

크로스-플랫폼의 풍부한 반응형 웹 및 클라우드 앱을 구축합니다.

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