Infragistics Ignite UI for Angular 13.0.0

새로운 Stepper 구성 요소와 함께 Angular 13에 대한 전체 지원을 추가합니다.
11월 25, 2021 - 11:17
신규 버전


Added full support for Angular 13.

  • Added IgxStepper component - A highly customizable component that visualizes content as a process and shows its progress by dividing the content into chronological steps. The API has been exposed to control features like step validation, styling, orientation and easy-to-use keyboard navigation.
  • IgxFocusTrap directive - Added IgxFocusTrap directive which traps the Tab key focus within an element.
  • Added IgxSimpleComboComponent - A modification of the igx-combo component that allows single selection and has the appropriate UI and behavior. It inherits most of the igx-combo's API.
    • Allows the selection of single items in a filterable list.
    • Supports custom values, keyboard navigation, validation and customized positioning of the item list via overlay settings.
  • IgxCsvExporterService and IgxExcelExporterService - Exporter services are no longer required to be provided in the application since they are now injected on a root level.
  • IgxGridToolbarPinningComponent and IgxGridToolbarHidingComponent - Exposed new input buttonText which sets the text that is displayed inside the dropdown button in the toolbar.
  • IgxCombo - Added groupSortingDirection input which allows you to set groups sorting order.
  • IgxGrid, IgxTreeGrid and IgxHierarchicalGrid - Added new directives for re-templating header sorting indicators: IgxSortHeaderIconDirective, IgxSortAscendingHeaderIconDirective and IgxSortDescendingHeaderIconDirective.
  • IgxGrid - Exposed a groupStrategy input that functions similarly to sortStrategy, allowing customization of the grouping behavior of the grid.
  • IgxDialog - Added focusTrap input to set whether the Tab key focus is trapped within the dialog when opened. Defaults to true.
Stepper component example

Infragistics Ignite UI

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