Highcharts Gantt JS v10.0.0

새로운 exporting.pdfFont 속성을 통해 내보낸 PDF에서 비-ASCII 문자에 대한 지원을 추가합니다.
March 09, 2022 - 11:01
신규 버전


  • Added new arc diagram series which visualizes the relationship between data set nodes.
  • Added breadcrumb functionality for drilldown charts as well as hierarchical series including treemaps and sunburst. This replaces the drill-up and traverse-up buttons.
  • Added new chart.alignThresholds feature for aligning the thresholds in charts with multiple axes.
  • Added new hangingIndentTranslation and minNodeLength options for Organization chart, for improving the layout of deep structures.
  • Added new Highcharts.AST.bypassHTMLFiltering option for disabling AST filtering.
  • Added boost.pixelRatio option which provides Retina and device pixel ratio support to the Boost module.
  • Added areaspline series to the supported series in the Boost module.
  • Added support for non-ASCII characters (Chinese, Russian etc) in exported PDFs via new exporting.pdfFont property.
  • Added smarter defaults for accessible point descriptions.
Highcharts Gantt JS

Highcharts Gantt JS

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