Actipro WPF Essentials 22.1.1

Docking, Editors 및 Ribbon 컨트롤을 향상시킵니다.
March 16, 2022 - 11:00
신규 버전


  • All
    • Improved Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 designer support.
  • Docking
    • Improved an exception message for a particular layout deserialization scenario.
    • Improved support for DockingWindow.ContainerMinSize to influence the minimize size of floating document windows.
    • Updated focus logic to work around a exception in WebView2 that can occur when trying to focus one in a certain scenario.
  • Editors
    • Updated how EmbeddedListBox tracks clicks to better support touch-based scrolling.
  • Ribbon
    • Improved built-in context menu display logic.
    • Improved Tab key handling when the QAT is in the window title bar.
  • Shared
    • Improved PopupButton's internal logic for handling popups.
    • Improved PopupButton's split mode template to define distinct UI Automation peers for the content and indicator areas.
    • Improved User Prompt QuickStart to include samples for both methods of configuring a default button.
    • Improved User Prompt accessibility by customizing UI Automation class names and automation ID's.
    • Improved WindowChrome accessibility by including a title bar element for UI Automation.
Docking windows example

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