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  • Enterprise Architect 64-Bit - Sparx Enterprise Architect is now available in two versions: 64-bit and a legacy 32-bit version. The Key Benefits are:
    • 64-bit OS features and capabilities.
    • Access larger amounts of memory.
    • Process data more effectively compared to 32-bit.
    • Support for larger report generation tasks.
    • Support for larger XMI import/export operations.
    • Larger diagrams can be exported and saved.
    • Larger simulations can be built and run.
    • Build and search large Code Miner databases.
  • Support for New Standard File Based Repositories - Sparx Systems has extended its support for new standard file-based repositories which are built on a SQLite database engine in the latest version of Enterprise Architect:
    • Enterprise Architect Project (QEA Files) - The basic personal file-based version.
    • Enterprise Architect Shared Project (QEAX Files) - Support shared files with small workgroups.
    • The key benefits of these repository types are:
      • Out-of-box EA repository.
      • Lightweight and serverless.
      • Basic replication is supported for offline development.
  • Grid Style Diagram - With the New Grid Style Diagram option, you can build a Spreadsheet, Dashboard and home page for your model. Categorize diagram into cells:
    • Holds elements in each grid cell.
    • Configurable in rows, columns, and cell size.
    • Manages medium to a large set of information.
    • Row and Column headers refer to the grid position.
    • Element position can be referred to by grid position.
    • Automatically updates and process elements in the grid using Scriptlet.
  • Collaboration - Team-Based Approach to Modeling - Enterprise Architect provides a suite of new and expanded Collaboration tools to support a rich, cooperative team-based approach to modeling. Collaborate tools have been restructured into the following new windows: In Enterprise Architect 16, using the Collaborative tools the users can:
    • Chat in real-time.
    • Share small files and images through Chat, Journals, and Discussion.
    • Save discussions by recording them.
    • Provide and manage Review feedback.
    • Record ad-hoc ideas in an Element Journal daily.
  • Simplified Connection to DBMS Repositories - Version 16 introduces a New “Native Connection” method to both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. It is the simplest way to establish connections with existing and new repositories. Native Connection does not require the need for installation of drivers for individual DBMS and DSN definitions. Enter the details of the database in the Native Connection window and connect Enterprise Architect to it.
  • Scriptlet -The New Scriptlet element is JavaScript-based and allows you to access the underlying diagram and element API:
    • Change the appearance of elements, names, and tagged values.
    • Updates to dynamic properties can be automated.
    • Create your spreadsheets with the new Grid Style diagrams and Scriptlets.
    • Update the Grid style diagrams using new cell references (A:1, A:2, etc.,) API.
    • Dynamically colour code elements based on your rules.
    • Validate model elements in a diagram.
  • Custom Documents - Mix and match your graphics, logos, regulations and text with content sections developed dynamically from the model. Start with a template, your base document or a blank page and then drag and drop content from the Project Browser.
  • Support for New Modeling Language - FACE Profile - Using Enterprise Architect 16, the FACE Profile for UAF 1.0 allows users to model Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) data architecture and components. It allows FACE components to be represented in the context of broader UAF system architectures to identify interactions between FACE and other architecture components. FACE Profile is available in the Unified and Ultimate Editions of Enterprise Architect and a separate UPDM license is required for other editions to avail it.
  • Native XEA File Exchange Format - Native XEA file is a new alternative to XMI and XML formats for large data sharing. The XEA format makes model archiving and the export and import of Enterprise Architect repositories easier.

Note: Some updates may not be available in every edition of Enterprise Architect.

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