Highcharts Gantt JS v10.1.0

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5월 04, 2022 - 15:39
신규 버전


  • Added allowMutatingData chart property to prevent data mutation while updating series or points.
  • Added new accessibility.point.describeNull option.
  • Added new fullscreenOpen and fullscreenClose callback functions to modify chart options when toggling fullscreen mode.
  • Added warning when accessibility.js module is not loaded.
  • Added new accessibility.series.descriptionFormat option.
  • Improved theme colors for 'high contrast light' and 'high contrast dark' to show more hue variance.
  • Reduced verbosity of accessibility information.
  • Changed the default value of SVGElement.show's inherit argument to true.
  • Added the option to remember keyboard focus for points: accessibility.keyboardNavigation.seriesNavigation.rememberPointFocus.
  • Added new pie.thickness option describing pie ring thickness. This option takes precedence over pie.innerSize.
Highcharts Gantt JS

Highcharts Gantt JS

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