Total Access Emailer 2022 (22.0)

Office 365용 TLS(전송 계층 보안)과 Gmail OAUTH 프로토콜에 대한 지원을 개선합니다.
5월 24, 2022
신규 버전


  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) for Microsoft Office 365 - This release adds additional security settings and support for new protocols including TLS 1.3.
  • Google Gmail OAUTH Protocol when App Password is no longer possible - This release adds support for OAUTH for Google and your Google account.
    • Options Form, SMTP Settings Enhanced for Gmail Approval - The Options form’s SMTP Settings tab now connects with Google’s web site to approve your Gmail account. When the [Approve on Gmail] button is pressed, a Wizard appears to launch the Google site. Once approved, Total Access Emailer can send emails through it using the TLS connection protocol. Prior to this, you need to create a Client ID from Google.
    • New Table usysTEmailerOptionsData - To support the Google Gmail credentials, a new table usysTEmailerOptionsData has been added to your database. This saves the Google tokens for the connection. Just like the usysTEmailerOptions table stores the other SMTP settings and options, this table can be in another database and linked to it from your front-end database.
    • New and Modified VBA Procedures - For the Professional Version, to support the new Google Gmail OAUTH protocol, a new TotalAccessEmailer_SetGmail procedure has been added which lets you authenticate your users Gmail account, and other procedures have been updated to include the new table.
  • Multiple FROM Email Addresses - Your SMTP server may have limits on the number of emails that can be sent by each email address. By adding comma separated email addresses in your FROM address, Total Access Emailer rotates among them to spread your emails across multiple accounts.
  • Different Reply To Address - By default, the FROM address in your email is the same email your recipient sends their replies from. You can now specify a different email address for replies by adding -ReplyTo: at the end of your FROM address: This can also be added to the end of multiple FROM emails so their replies all go to one email address.
  • SMTP Validation No Longer Sends a Test Email - In prior versions, Total Access Emailer validated your SMTP settings by emailing a test message. This caused some problems if the FROM or TO addresses conflicted with the SMTP server or specific account. A new approach validates the SMTP connection without sending an email.
  • Relative Paths for File Names - File references for Subject, FROM address, Text Header, Body and Footer, HTML, and Attachments no longer need to be the full path. A relative path can be entered if it exists relative to the database’s folder. This makes it easier to reference files if the database is installed on different drives and folders among users.
  • Main Form Enhancements Preserves Datasheet Settings - The main form now has larger buttons and saves the settings of the email blast list. Like standard Microsoft Access datasheets, you can now filter and sort the list, adjust the row height, resize and reorder columns, etc. Those settings are preserved the next time you start the add-in. This makes it easier to customize its appearance for your needs, and display the blasts you’re managing. Datasheet settings are also preserved in the form for selecting multiple email lists to send.
  • Edit Form Enlarged and Resizable - The edit form for email blasts is now wider and taller, and can now be resized to be larger or even maximized. This is especially helpful to see more text on the message tabs. This form was previously opened as a fixed dialog.
  • Embedded Files as Comma Separated Values (*.csv) - This release adds the ability to attach Comma Separated Values (CSV) files to emails.
  • Preview Settings are Preserved for Each User - The Preview feature lets you send emails to an email address so you can verify your emails are processed and formatted properly. If your PC has multiple users, the Preview settings are now saved for each user rather than shared. This ensures your previews always go to your email address and don’t get mixed up with others.
  • Updated Sample Database and Documentation - The sample database now lets you easily update all the email addresses to your own.
  • Runtime Library Name Shows 32-bit - The Total Access Emailer Professional version includes VBA runtime libraries TAEmailR.accde and TAEmailR_64.accde for Access 32 and 64-bit respectively. When referenced, the name now shows if it's 32 or 64 bit. Previously, only the 64-bit one showed its bitness.
  • Setup Program Supports 64 and 32-bit Access - Previous versions had a separate setup program for 64 and 32 bit versions corresponding to your Access version. The new setup now contains both versions, detects the install Access version’s bitness, and installs the appropriate one. This requires Microsoft Windows to be 64-bit which is already required for current Access versions.
  • One Redistribution EXE - The Professional Version now has a single redistribution TAERun.exe file.
Google Gmail OAUTH Protocol

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