UltraCompare v2022.2

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5월 26, 2022 - 15:16
신규 버전


  • Binary compare improvements:
    • Added Hex offset support:
      • You can set hex offsets per frame to compare or ignore different areas of binary data.
      • You can right-click on any byte to set beginning and ending offsets per-pane.
      • Added new session properties for offsets.
    • Added the ability to configure the number of bytes per line.
  • Folder compare improvements:
    • Added the ability to sort folder lists by file type/extension.
    • Added the ability to sort indicators for column headings.
  • Text compare improvements:
    • Added new UltraEdit-style Quick Find.
    • Added the ability to ignore spaces and tabs separately.
    • Active line window can now always show paired lines.
  • Table compare improvements:
    • Added a new option to ignore whitespace.
  • Git improvements:
    • Added the ability to optionally show conflicts/modified files at top of branch browser.
    • Added the ability to optionally hide remote branches in branch browser.
    • Improved visual indication of background Git interactions.
    • Improved aesthetics for Git reviews and compares.
  • Command line and output improvements:
    • Added support for multiple ignore option flags for text mode.
    • Added new -ignt switch to "ignore timestamp differences" for folder mode.
    • Added support for -ne, -m, and -a switches for folder mode.
    • Added new switches for setting output format:
      • -ofa will use "All frames" result format.
      • -ofc will use "Difference in context" format.
      • -ofo will use "One frame only" format.
      • -ofs will use "Side by side" format.
      • Note: These switches must be ordered after file/folder paths used for comparison.
    • Added the ability to generate HTML result report from command line (add .html extension to output file).
    • Added difference indicators for folder mode result report:
      • * - File is different between folders.
      • < - File exists in the left pane's folder only.
      • > - File exists in the right pane's folder only.
  • Other improvements:
    • Added the ability to see active/total number of differences in status bar for text, binary, and table modes.
    • Added support for Ctrl + mouse wheel to zoom in/out.
    • Added new print option to set printed font size.


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