UltraEdit is a text, HEX, HTML, PHP, Java, JavaScript, Perl, and Programmer's editor which is versatile and easy to use. UltraEdit is specially designed for inputting and editing text and code, it supports configurable syntax highlighting and code structuring for most programming languages. With its clear layout and powerful project and workspace features, it can handle complex and sophisticated software-development projects. UltraEdit is flexible and easy to customize, handles files in excess of 4GB, and the modern user interface provides easy access to the most important options.

Multi-caret editing, multi-select and more
UltraEdit's text editing features make editing lists and columns an intuitive experience, not the exercise in tedium it used to be. With features like multi-caret editing, column/block editing and multi-select, it's a simple text editor when you want it to be, and a multi-cursor power editor when you need it to be.

Your editor, your way
The environment you work in is a personal thing. And with UltraEdit's deeply customizeable new menuing system, your...

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UltraEdit v28.00
UltraEdit v28.00
IntelliTips 코드 완료 및 크기 조절이 가능한 찾기 및 교체 대화 상자를 추가합니다.
UltraEdit v27.10
UltraEdit v27.10
무제한 선 길이 옵션을 추가하고 전체 화면 모드로 전환할 때 디스플레이를 향상시킵니다.
UltraEdit v27.00
UltraEdit v27.00
무제한 북마크, 해시 컴퓨팅, XML 개선...그리고 올 뉴 Cloud Sync.
UltraEdit - UltraCompare v20.10 포함
UltraEdit - UltraCompare v20.10 포함
명령줄, Git, Excel 비교, 폴더 비교 등에 대한 75개 이상의 개선사항.
UltraEdit v26.20
UltraEdit v26.20
방대한 파일 및 데이터 처리 작업의 처리를 개선합니다.
UltraEdit v26.10
UltraEdit v26.10
대용량 파일의 성능을 크게 향상 시키기 위해 Threaded Quick Find를 포함 합니다.

가격: ₩ 137,400

Annual Subscriptions: One software license is required per user, per year*. An active Subscription License is required to continue to use the software. You will need to purchase Subscription License...

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Operating System for Deployment
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • GNOME and KDE desktop
  • macOS 10.12+

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