Actipro WPF Studio 22.1.3

테마, SyntaxEditor 및 도킹 컨트롤을 개선합니다.
9월 12, 2022 - 17:15
신규 버전


  • Docking
    • Added a 'Float All' menu item to tabbed MDI tabs, which floats all docking windows in the container together.
    • Improved the target dock host hit-test logic.
    • Improved focus tracking related to WebView2 controls.
    • Increased the default TabbedMdiHost.MaxTabExtent width, and added remarks to its API documentation.
    • Updated tool window-only layout deserializations to not clear lazy-load data for document windows.
  • Editors
    • Added 'AutoCompleteBox.PopupHeader', 'PopupHeaderTemplate', and 'PopupHeaderTemplateSelector' properties that allow for injecting a header above the popup's suggestion list.
  • Grids
    • Updated property grid item UIA peers to return their full path in the AutomationId property.
  • Ribbon
    • Updated the small/medium variant SplitButton template to better support a large CornerRadius setting.
    • Consolidated usage of SystemParameters.IsMenuDropRightAligned to use MenuDropAlignment instead.
  • SyntaxEditor
    • Added the EditorCommands.AddNextOccurrenceToSelection edit action (bound to Ctrl+D by default), and the related IEditorViewSelection.AddNextOccurrence method. This new feature adds the next occurrence of the currently-selected text to the selection, or selects the current word if there is no selection.
    • Refactored the IntelliPrompt completion session's Shorthand item matcher algorithm, resulting in a significant performance improvement, especially when used with the CanFilterUnmatchedItems option.
    • Improved word-wrapped view lines to indent under their primary view line based on a new configurable SyntaxEditor.WrappedLineIndentAmount property. Updated the Word Wrap QuickStart to show off the new property.
    • Improved vertical scrollbar handling logic.
    • Improved word selection logic.
    • Improved selection update logic when the RetainSelection option is used.
    • Improved squiggle line rendering performance.
    • Updated non-editable code snippet fields to not be highlighted in the template session.
    • Updated the CollapsedRegionManager.GetVisibleOffset method logic.
  • .NET Languages Add-on
    • Improved name resolution logic when there are type and namespace name conflicts.
    • Improved IntelliPrompt completion for VB With statements.
    • Updated BinaryAssemblyLoader to handle TypeLoadException when querying exported types.
  • Web Languages Add-on
    • Refactored the XML text formatter with improved logic.
  • Themes
    • Updated the Theme Designer app's Base Color Finder tool to support dark themes.
    • Updated WindowChrome shadow positioning logic when dealing with multiple monitors that have different DPIs.
    • Updated the custom-rendered WindowChrome shadow to not be included in screen captures.
    • Updated menu item templates to make use of a new ResizablePopupContentHost primitive.
  • Shared
    • Added the PopupButton.CornerRadius property.
    • Updated how CanvasControl handles rendering transparent colors.
Actipro WPF Studio

Actipro WPF Studio

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