TestCafe Studio 1.8.1

특정 페이지에서 발생하는 JavaScript 오류를 무시하거나, 특정 오류 메시지를 생성하거나, 특정 호출 스택이 있습니다.
9월 21, 2022
신규 버전


  • TestCafe Version Update - This release includes the latest version of the TestCafe framework - TestCafe 2.0 . The 2.0 update introduces multiple new capabilities for test script users:
    • The TypeScript 4.7 compiler replaced the TypeScript 3 compiler to mark the first breaking change since the framework’s 1.0 release.
    • You can now ignore JavaScript errors in specific tests, fixtures, or parts of tests.
    • You can now ignore JavaScript errors that occur on a specific page, yield a specific error message, or have a particular call stack.
TestCafe Studio

TestCafe Studio

엔드-투-엔드 웹 테스트를 위한 교차-플랫폼 IDE.

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