Syncfusion Essential Studio WPF 2022 Volume 3

이제 PDF Viewer에서 디지털 서명을 렌더링할 수 있으며, 프로그래밍 방식의 지원을 추가하여 주석을 추가하거나 제거할 수 있습니다.
9월 30, 2022 - 17:07
신규 버전


  • Diagram
    • Container enhancement - Added the ability to add a header block to the container objects.
  • PDF Library
    • Create PDF digital signatures with LTV using a time-stamp URL - Long-term validation, or LTV, means that all the information needed to verify the digital signature is embedded within the PDF file. The Syncfusion .NET PDF Library now digitally signs a PDF document with LTV using a time-stamp URL only. All the necessary details such as certificate chain, OCSP, and CRL can be downloaded from the given URL and embedded into the PDF document.
    • PDF digital signature enhancements:
      • Added support for getting OCSP and CRL details from existing digitally signed PDF documents to verify the LTV.
      • Added an API to choose between OCSP and CRL to validate the LTV in a PDF document.
    • External OCR engine - The Syncfusion OCR processor library uses the Tesseract OCR engine by default to extract text from scanned PDFs and images. Users can now change the default OCR engine to external OCR services from Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google, and more.
    • HTML-to-PDF conversion enhancement:
      • The Syncfusion HTML-to-PDF converter now uses the Chromium Blink rendering engine by default to convert HTML pages to PDF documents. The Blink rendering engine supports all the modern features supported by Google’s Chrome browser.
      • You no longer need to set the path for Blink binaries. By default, it is copied to the bin folder while installing the HTML-to-PDF converter NuGet packages.
  • PDF Viewer
    • Render digital signatures - Added the ability to render digital signatures in the PDF Viewer control, but the user cannot interact with them.
    • Form fields tab order index - Added the ability to focus on and navigate form fields in PDF documents with a tab order index. This helps them edit the form fields in the PDF effortlessly.
    • Programmatic support for manipulating annotations - Added the ability to add, remove, or modify the annotations programmatically using the existing PdfLoadedDocument’s API.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Library
    • PowerPoint-to-PDF conversion enhancements - Added the ability to preserve structure tags in converted PDF documents for accessibility (PDF/UA or 508 compliance) support.
  • Microsoft Word Library
    • Word-to-PDF conversion enhancements - Wavy, wavy heavy, wavy double, and double underline styles now render as they are in the input Word document.
Render digital signatures

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