GrapeCity 블로그 - FlexReport를 사용한 바코드 작업

바운드 또는 언바운드 모드에서 1D 및 2D 바코드를 사용하여 Windows 애플리케이션을 개선하십시오.
11월 30, 2022 - 9:01
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ComponentOne Studio WinForms provides a complete collection of Windows Forms components for all aspects of application development. With over 120 advanced WinForms UI controls, you can deliver intuitive and modern Microsoft Windows applications quickly.

In this blog post, GrapeCity's Prabhat Sharma shows you how to use FlexReport to implement both 1D and 2D barcodes, including:

  • Adding barcodes to FlexReport in either bound or unbound mode
  • Choosing the desired barcode format
  • Adding QR codes
  • Much more!

Read the full GrapeCity blog to get started using BarCodes in your WinForms applications.

Leverage barcodes in your WinForms applications

ComponentOne Studio WinForms

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