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그리드 열 템플릿 및 Figma 자동 레이아웃 기능을 추가합니다.
6월 30, 2023
신규 버전


  • Grid Column Templating: header, display and editing - Added the ability to build your own Column Template for each of the Grid Columns. Header, Cell, and Cell Editing are the currently available templating options.
    • If you have a data source that has different fields for First and Last name, and Address details like - street, city, and postal code, you now can combine all of them into one Cell Display value and reduce the visible columns.
    • URL data fields can now be associated with a custom Image component.
    • You can now show a Rating component and give a visual clue on certain numeric values.
    • You can now provide a more visual way to indicate that certain column contains Phone numbers.
  • Figma Auto-Layout - With the updated Figma UI Kit, if a designer uses Auto-Layout in Figma to create a design, the App Builder parser will now utilize this and consider that to build the layout of the app. If Auto-Layout is not used, the parser will default to the absolute layout.
  • Grid CRUD Actions - Added new Create, Read, Update and Delete Grid actions with Web API calls. You can now wire those to the Grid editing action buttons and take leverage of real-time Web API updates. After code generation, the App Builder will now create the necessary services to handle the API calls for Creating, Getting, Updating, and Deleting a resource.
  • Added hierarchical iterators binding support which is applicable to components like Tree, Cards and Containers.
  • Added a new on-premises version, which allows organizations to use their own instance and run it on their own infrastructure and to be accessible only by internal personnel.
  • Indigo.Design Documentation:
    • Improved the Indigo.Design docs by adding topics for these new components:
      • Accordion.
      • PieChart.
      • Rating.
      • Stepper.
      • Tree.
    • Topics have also been updated for the following:
      • Styling.
      • UI Patterns.
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