LinqConnect adds Visual Studio 2012 RC support

6월 19, 2012 - 9:53
패치 릴리스

LinqConnect is a fast and easy-to-use ORM solution that supports SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite. It provides a model designer with complete integration to Visual Studio. LinqConnect provides wide support for LINQ queries and provides advanced loading support, native SQL query handling and generates provider-specific SQL code.

Updates in V4

  • Visual Studio 2012 RC support
  • Support for Windows Phone 7, Silverlight 4 and higher
  • Any references to System.Data.Linq have been removed, LinqConnect now uses its own classes only
  • Optimize complex object graphs with chains of parent-child objects
  • Delete rule performance improved
  • Compilation performance improved
  • Materialization performance improved
  • Compiled query cache improved

About Devart

Devart offers well-known native VCL/CLX components and dbExpress drivers for direct access to Oracle, MS SQL Server and MySQL. They also provide advanced data access solutions for the Microsoft .NET Framework for native connectivity to Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL database servers. Devart is also a vendor of database tools designed to automate and simplify the database development process.

Connecting to your database using LinqConnect.

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