ActiveReports 12 Service Pack 2

Released: Aug 8, 2018

12 Service Pack 2 버젼 업데이트


  • Enhanced Tablix performance with larger datasets.
  • Improved Textbox borders in Section Reports.
  • Maintain controls on drag/drop to report header in RDL reports
  • Improved load time when "PrintAtBottom" of "GroupFooter" is set to true.
  • Improved querying tables in Visual Query Designer.
  • Improved dataset field expressions validation when using XML datasource.
  • Improved memory consumption of Section Reports exported to PDF.


  • Resolved Internal InvalidCastException on PDF export of RDL reports.
  • Fixed incorrect result on previewing RichTextBox.
  • Fixed issue with text fields adding an extra space.
  • Fixed issue with TextBox’s content being different in PDF when TextJustify is set to Auto or Distribute.
  • Resolved issue with hyperlinks working incorrectly in Viewer with RightToLeft Layout.
  • Fixed different output of "FormattedText".
  • Fixed alignment issues of second+ page in detail row.
  • Fixed OutOfMemoryException when exporting section report (containing images) to Excel.
  • Resolved issue with Hebrew characters becoming left to right when exporting to PDF.
  • Resolved memory issue on creating new report object in Designer.