Altova XMLSpy Professional XML Editor 릴리스

Released: Apr 6, 2017

2017 Release 3 버젼 업데이트


  • Support for JSON5.
  • Support for JSON Schema extensions for Microsoft Azure Resource Manager.
  • Find bar supports multi-line searches.
  • Display of validation errors and SmartFix suggestions in left margin in Text View.
  • XPath expression syntax coloring in XSLT stylesheets.
  • Ability to cancel lengthy XSLT/XQuery transformations.
  • Integration with Visual Studio 2017.
  • Windows Server 2016 support.

Released: Oct 4, 2016

2017 버젼 업데이트


  • All-new Find functionality in Text View.
  • Text highlighting of related matches.
  • New command to jump to parent element in Text View.
  • New XSLT/XQuery features.
  • XSLT and XQuery performance improvements.
  • Support for ADO.NET database drivers.
  • Native support for PostgreSQL.
  • Support for Progress OpenEdge databases.
  • Support for SQL Server 2016.
  • Editing headers/footers in dynamic HTML and CALS tables.
  • Support for integration with Eclipse 4.6.

Released: Feb 16, 2016

Updates in this release

Updates in 2016 Release 2

  • XPath and XQuery Debugger.
  • New Layout Options for XPath/XQuery Window.
  • XML Schema <=> JSON Schema conversion.
  • JSON instance generation from JSON Schema.
  • Generation of JSON Schema documentation.
  • Enhancements to Text View: better folding, synchronized tag editing, and more.
  • Support for additional XSLT 3.0 instructions.
  • Integration with Eclipse 4.5.

Released: Oct 6, 2015

Updates in this release

Updates in 2016

  • JSON Schema editor and validator
  • Generation of JSON Schema from JSON instance
  • JSON instance validation and entry helpers based on JSON Schema
  • Mass XML to JSON converter
  • Executing XSLT & XQuery transformations on installed RaptorXML Servers
  • High performance JSON validation via installed RaptorXML Server
  • Windows 10 support
  • Support for Firebird databases
  • Support for numerous databases updated to include newest versions
  • Visual Studio integration updated to include VS 2015

Released: Jun 12, 2015

Updates in this release

Updates in 2015 Release 4

  • Tight integration with installed RaptorXML Servers for lightning-fast validation.
  • EDGAR filing validation (requires RaptorXML+XBRL Server).
  • Support for SQLite databases.

Released: Mar 3, 2015

Updates in this release

Updates in 2015 Release 3

  • Support for XPath 3.1 and XQuery 3.1.
  • Significantly extended XPath/XQuery tab.
  • Support for custom fonts in Output Windows.
  • Support for Web Services Security and other security extensions.
  • Support for XBRL Extensible Enumerations 1.0.

Released: Sep 19, 2014

Updates in this release

Updates in 2015

  • Intelligent XML file modification with XQuery Update Facility 1.0/3.0.
  • Support for XQuery Update Facility via XQuery execution.
  • Enhanced XSLT 3.0 support including XBRL Table layout previews.
  • Building XBRL Formulas visually, via new XBRL Table preview.
  • Support for US GAAP taxonomy updated to include 2014.
  • Significantly optimized support for EBA 2.1 (COREP/FINREP) taxonomies.
  • Inclusion of UBL 2.1 Schema.
  • Support for Eclipse 4.4.

Released: Mar 21, 2014

Updates in this release

Updates in 2014 Release 2

  • New XSL Speed Optimizer - Analyzes an XSLT transformation and derives an optimization strategy.
  • New Altova extension functions for XSLT and XQuery development and processing.
  • Additional support for XSLT 3.0.
  • Complete support for XQuery 3.0.
  • XBRL Table Linkbase editor. 
  • New commands for XBRL Formula execution and XBRL Table generation.
  • Ability to provide custom error text for XML Schema assertions.
  • Support for integration with Visual Studio 2013.

Released: Nov 8, 2013

Updates in this release

Updates in 2014

  • Complete support for XML Schema 1.1.
  • Integration of RaptorXML.
  • Display multiple validation messages at once.
  • Smart Fix validation available in XML Schema Editor.
  • Support for XPath 3.0, XSLT 3.0 (subset) and XQuery 3.0.
  • Support for XBRL Formula and XBRL Concept Types.
  • Integration with Eclipse 4.3.
  • Generate sample XML instances with all schema choices.

Released: Sep 28, 2012

Updates in this release

Updates in 2013

  • Smart Fix adds automatic correction of validation errors
  • Seamless integration options in Java applications
  • Support for embedded XML Schemas in WSDL files
  • Enhanced WSDL documentation options
  • Flexible integration of external programs
  • Support for CamelCase words in spell checker
  • Option to strip unnecessary whitespace
  • Integration with Eclipse 4.2 (adds to support for earlier versions)
  • Support for US GAAP 2012 XBRL taxonomy (adds to support for earlier versions)
  • Support for Team...