CodeRush 20.2.8

Released: Mar 4, 2021

20.2.8 버젼 업데이트


Organize Members

  • Improved Options Page - Redesigned the Organize Members options page to make it easier to use.
    • The new Duplicate button copies the selected rule, adding it to the end of the list.
    • Added drag & drop support to the rules list. To change a rule's position, simply drag a rule and drop it where you need it.

Blazor Support

Code Templates for DevExpress Blazor Components - Added a number of powerful new code templates to help you quickly create many of the popular DevExpress components for Blazor.

  • Button - Creates a Button component (DxButton).
  • Data Grid - Creates a Data Grid component (DxDataGrid).

Column Types - Expand these templates on an empty line inside the DxDataGrid (a pair of Columns tags will be created automatically, if needed).

  • Creates a data column with a text editor (DxDataGridColumn).
  • Creates a command column (DxDataGridCommandColumn).
  • Creates a data column that displays disabled checkboxes (DxDataGridCheckBoxColumn).
  • Creates a data column with a combo box editor (DxDataGridComboBoxColumn).
  • Creates a data column with a date edit editor (DxDataGridDateEditColumn).
  • Creates a selection column (DxDataGridSelectionColumn).
  • Creates a data column with a spin editor (DxDataGridSpinEditColumn).

Summary Types - Expand these code templates on an empty line inside a DxDataGrid to create grid summaries.

  • Creates a summary item (DxDataGridSummaryItem).
  • Creates a total summary (TotalSummary).

UI Templates - These code templates can be expanded on an empty line inside the specified parent tags.

  • Creates a UI template used to display a detail row (DetailRowTemplate).
  • Creates a UI display template for column cells (DisplayTemplate).
  • Creates a template used to display the edit form (EditFormTemplate).
  • Creates a UI template used to display a column editor (EditTemplate).
  • Creates a UI template for a Data Grid header (HeaderTemplate).
  • Creates a UI template used to display row preview sections (RowPreviewTemplate).

Charts - Code templates for creating charts.

  • Creates a chart component (DxChart).
  • Creates a range bar series (DxChartRangeBarSeries). You can expand this on an empty line inside a DxChart.

Navigation and Layout Components

  • Creates a Context Menu component (DxContextMenu).
  • Creates a Form Layout component (DxFormLayout).
  • Creates a Pager component (DxPager).
  • Creates a Popup component (DxPopup).
  • Creates a Stack Layout component (DxStackLayout).
  • Creates a Tab (DxTab) inside a Tabs component.
  • Creates a Tab with content (DxTabPage) inside a Tabs component.
  • Creates a Tabs component (DxTabs).
  • Creates a Toolbar component (DxToolbar).
  • Creates a TreeView component (DxTreeView).

Items - Use the "i" code template to intelligently add child items to parent components.

  • Creates a DxContextMenuItem, DxFormLayoutItem, DxStackLayoutItem, or DxDataGridSummaryItem inside the corresponding parent component.

Nodes - Use the "n" code template to add child nodes to a tree view.

  • Creates a DxTreeViewNode inside the TreeView component.

Pivot Grid

  • Creates a pivot grid component (DxPivotGrid).
  • Creates a pivot grid field (DxPivotGridField). Expand this code template on an empty line inside a DxPivotGrid to create the field.


  • Creates a DxDocumentViewer component that is used to publish (preview, print and export) documents in Blazor applications (DxDocumentViewer).
  • Creates a DxReportDesigner component to create an End-User Report Designer in Blazor applications (DxReportDesigner).


  • Creates a calendar and scheduler component (DxScheduler).


  • Creates an Upload component (DxUpload).

Rich Comments Enhancement

  • You can use the "Suppress Rich Comments in these files" setting on the Editor | All Languages | Rich Comments options page to disable Rich Comments for certain file types (Rich Comments are disabled in .editorconfig files by default). Сommon wildcards ("?" and "*") are supported.

Records Support

CodeRush now supports records (for C# 9) in the following features:

  • Organize Members - You can now create the Records rule to group and sort corresponding members:
  • Declaration providers: Declare Constructor and Declare Delegate Members
  • Implementation providers: Implement ISerializable and Implement IComparable
  • Refactorings: Rename Type to Match File and Declare Partial Class Part
  • Code Places

Performance Enhancements

  • Significantly improved performance for the Rich Comments technology.
  • Fixed an edge-case performance issue with the Sync Namespace with Folder Structure refactoring.