CodeRush 21.1.5

Released: Jul 14, 2021

21.1.5 버젼 업데이트


  • Improved First-time Loading Performance - CodeRush tool windows now load faster when run the first time. The time required to expand code templates the first time has also been decreased.
  • Optimized Memory Use in the XAML Engine - Reduced memory consumption in the XAML engine which used in refactorings, navigation, code analysis and other CodeRush features for projects containing XAML files.
  • Test Runner - The Unit Test Runner now shows white spaces and line breaks in test run results.
    • Note: This feature is not yet supported in Microsoft .NET Core projects.


  • Code Cleanup - The "Unused type" rule does not support records in C# 9.
  • Formatting - The indent is calculated incorrectly in the C# 8.0 switch expression.
  • Navigation - "Jump to symbol" navigation performs an endless search when all files are closed.
  • Refactorings - "Add Parameter" does not support implicit objection creation expressions in C# 9.
  • Refactorings - "Add Setter" is available for properties with a C# 9 init accessor.
  • Refactorings - "Extract String to Resource" incorrectly works when extracting to an existing resource file.
  • Refactorings - "Reorder Parameters" does not support implicit object creation expressions in C# 9.
  • Refactorings - "Sync Namespace with Folder Structure" produces a dialog about blocking user input.
  • Organize Members - The indent for parameters is wrongly changed.