dbForge Studio for SQL Server V5.2.177 released

Released: Jun 24, 2016

V5.2.177 버젼 업데이트


  • Support for SQL Server 2016.
  • Totally redesigned Database Search (objects and data).
  • Redesigned Visual Table Editor.
  • Visual View Editor.
  • tSQLt Framework updated to the latest version.
  • Index Manager functionality is now available via the command line.

Improved SQL Completion

  • Objects suggestions in CROSS/OUTER APPLY statement.
  • Suggestion of compound phrases.
  • Greatly improved suggestion performance.
  • Several new formatter options and profiles.
  • Object and schema suggestions in the Completion List when writing cross-database queries.

Improved and enhanced Schema Comparison Tool

  • Many new comparision and synchronization options added.
  • Enchanced backup support.
  • Sequences support greatly improved.
  • Improved security during synchronization process.
  • Valid support for "WITH CHECK" and "WITH NOCHECK" constraints.

Improved Source Control

  • Plastic SCM predefined templates.
  • Undo Local Changes.
  • Support for version control command line client.

Improved Data Generation

  • Updated RegExp and Python generators.
  • JSON generator.
  • Check Constraint generator.
  • 15+ new meaningful generators.


  • Generate INSERT / UPDATE statements based on result grid have been added.
  • Shortcut for Delete entire editor line (Ctrl + Y) has been added.
  • Generate WHERE IN () clause based on result grid has been added.
  • Popup menu for Copy Special in Data Editor has been added.
  • Display grid column types in Data Editor have been added.
  • Schema Compare and Sync Logging through the command line has been expanded.
  • ArgumentNullException during creation SQL Document at the Studio start has been fixed.
  • The 'Index was outside the bounds of the array' error during schema comparison has been fixed.
  • IndexOutOfRangeException while comparing schemas of two databases has been fixed.
  • FileNotFoundException when restoring a database has been fixed.
  • Installation hangup has been fixed.
  • Bug with script generation for index creation has been fixed.
  • During schema sync, ALTER for scalar and table functions is generated if types in source and target coincide.
  • Option to save settings for "Object Filter" has been added.
  • Error with the database comparison parameters has been fixed.
  • InvalidCastException while comparing schemas of two snapshots has been fixed.
  • Bug with schema synchronization when ddl generation has been fixed.
  • Ignore Semicolons option in schema comparison has been added.
  • NullReferenceException while comparing schemas has been fixed.
  • Issue with integrated security when referencing an .SCOMP file during schema comparison has been fixed.
  • Schema Comparison Sync bug has been fixed.
  • Duplication of information in the Output window has been fixed.
  • IncludeIdenticalObjects option in the command line has been fixed.
  • Outlining mode when editing a store procedure has been fixed.