VersionStamper determines the component dependencies of any project, detects conflicts based on embedded or remote file lists, and performs automatic notification of software updates. It is a complete application distribution solution. It even includes a dependency wizard to help you determine all of the components used by an application and automatically create scripts for verification and remote update.

What's New in V6.5

  • Batch mode support for generating your reference file list.
  • Support for scanning Wise and InstallShield installation script files.
  • Custom Message support for script files that allows you to dynamically display additional information on a file conflict.
  • Now includes the full SpyWorks WinSock component that supports HTTP file retrieval and proxy servers.

What's New in V6.0 (New features apply only to the ATL VersionStamper control)


  • FoundDateHigh - Supercedes the...

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Developer License(s) One software license is required per machine. Run-time royalty free. The following files and controls may be distributed with your compiled Visual Basic application without...

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Desaware사 제품의 배포자로서 공식 권한을 소유한 ComponentSource는 합법적인 라이선스를 고객님께 직접 제공합니다.
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  • ActiveX OCX

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