Infragistics Ultimate 관련 정보

신속한 프로토 타이핑, 기업용 UI 컨트롤 및 어워드 수상 경력에 빛나는 기술지원 통해 최고의 데스크탑, 웹 또는 모바일 경험을 개발.

Infragistics Ultimate is a complete cross-platform/device developer and UX design toolset it makes it easy to build incredible, high-performance applications for Windows with Windows Forms and WPF, for the Web with HTML5, Angular, JavaScript and ASP.NET, and for mobile with Xamarin.Forms, iOS and Android toolkits. Start showing your customers beautiful, interactive prototypes right from the beginning with Indigo.Design, then, take those prototypes forward with the powerful UI tools to bring your app to the next level.

Infragistics Ultimate offers controls built on architecture that delivers high on performance. The anchors of all toolsets are fast grids that have been architected to bind to data sources containing millions of rows of data, displaying the first screen of data within milliseconds. All desktop, mobile and web toolsets in Infragistics Ultimate feature powerful data visualization capabilities able to analyze any type of data. Infragistics Ultimate includes desktop, mobile and web controls for Windows Forms, WPF, JavaScript, Angular, React, ASP.NET. MVC , iOS, Android, as well as cross-platform controls for Xamarin.Forms, along with a prototyping tool Indigo.Design. You also get an annual subscription to developer support, source code, updates and upgrades, documentation and samples.

Infragistics Ultimate Includes:

  • 50+ Material-based Angular Components - Ignite UI for Angular component set features a fast Angular Data Grid, high-performance financial and category charts, and the ability to quickly deploy your web-based or mobile applications through GitHub and NPM.
  • 100+ JavaScript Components for Building Data-Rich, Responsive Web Apps with Angular, React, Bootstrap, ASP.NET MVC, Knockout, Vue.JS, and more - Create a project and structure, plus automate manual processes with Ignite UI’s Command Line Interface. The JavaScript Grid provides support for easy data binding, advanced Excel formulas and structural features, and built-in theming for consistency in your modern application.
  • Build Modern, High-Performance Experiences with Ignite UI for React - Ignite UI for React includes a fast, real-time, live-data React grid, high-performance, streaming financial & business charts and a complete Microsoft Excel solution with read / write XLS & XLSX file, 300+ native formula support and reporting with charting & sparklines.
  • 100+ Top-Performing Controls for Desktop Development with Windows Forms - Visually configure charts, gauges and a powerful Data Grid that has data-driven hierarchical control and rich Excel-like functionality. With the Data Charts, apply dynamic data visualization over a wide range of different series, such as Stacked, Line, Bubble, Waterfall, and many more.
  • Develop Modern and Office-Inspired Desktop Apps with Versatile and Powerful Controls for WPF - The lightweight financial and data charts feature an intuitive API and the ability to easily manage large-scale data sets. Plus, with the newest Excel engine, you can enhance your spreadsheet control for manipulating and viewing data.
  • Boost Speed and Productivity When Creating Cross-Platform Mobile Applications with Xamarin - Try out fast application mapping and automatically generate all of your views, view models, and navigation code. With easy data binding, you can then intuitively configure your charts and grids for responsive layouts.
  • A Unified Platform for Visual Design, UX Prototyping, Code Generation, and App Development with Indigo.Design
  • Cut down on error-prone handoffs between design and development teams. Indigo.Design offers a seamless way to create a web-based app by taking Sketch designs, turning them into interactive prototypes, and generating pixel-perfect Angular, HTML, and CSS code for your components.