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The xamEditors are a set of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) editor controls that enhance your users data entry experience by validating data at the time of entry, facilitating data input of formatted values, providing intuitive cues to guide the user along, and fitting into the look and feel of WPF with templates that control their appearance. These data input controls can be used as standalone edit fields or integrated into other NetAdvantage WPF controls like the xamDataGrid. The Infragistics xamTextEditor control provides a general purpose editable text field, while each of the other editor controls has been designed for a specific user data entry scenario, such as the Infragistics xamComboEditor control for combo box fields where you would like a populated drop down list of choices the user can quickly select. Infragistics xamEditors are an indispensible set of editor controls that your application shouldn't be without.

Easy to Understand Data Entry Masks
Entering formatted data values, whether it is a phone number or date entry, is a common use case in today's applications. Different countries have conflicting formatting conventions for these values, and your application needs to make it as clear as possible to users what format is expected to prevent user frustration and incorrectly formatted data. NetAdvantage WPF controls include a quartet of editable text controls specially designed for use in these...

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