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hallo-moinGermany5 등급
I'm using the tools from Infragistics since a few months and saw many others. I'm still satisfied with this toolset and miss nothing. Although I'm primarily working with Windows Forms and WPF, I also... 더 읽기

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webdeepakUnited Kingdom2 등급
I'm trying to write a web based software. I have just written 4 webforms and I have 3 bugs to my name. I'm not even a ASP.NET/ C# guru, but still have got these bugs. Its good for simple layouts but... 더 읽기
이름 보류 구매하신 고객님포르투갈5 등급
이름 보류 구매하신 고객님이탈리아5 등급
이름 보류 구매하신 고객님프랑스5 등급
이름 보류 구매하신 고객님이탈리아5 등급
Manuel Iraizos 구매하신 고객님멕시코5 등급
이름 보류 구매하신 고객님영국5 등급
이름 보류 구매하신 고객님미국4 등급

I like their Excel-like grid control and the hybrid drop-down list / text box. I don't need their support often but it usually has been very helpful. I knocked off a star because they upgraded their products several years ago and didn't offer any upgrade path. Some of our apps have been stuck on that old version because we don't have the time to completely re-code them.

이름 보류 구매하신 고객님미국5 등급
이름 보류 구매하신 고객님루마니아5 등급
Piovano G. 구매하신 고객님이탈리아5 등급