Komodo IDE

Komodo IDE is an editor made by developers for developers that provides your favorite frameworks, tools and integrations in one polyglot IDE. Whether developing web or mobile applications, Komodo supports Python, PHP, Go, Ruby, Perl, NodeJS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more than 100 languages on any operating system. With a wide variety of integrations with other developer tools, and customizable to work how you want, Komodo IDE is designed to make your job easier so you can focus on what you do best – coding. So whether you’re an individual, a start-up or a large team of developers, Komodo helps you get from idea to code quickly.

Komodo is a world-class IDE. It makes software engineers out of hackers.

Robert M. Craver II, Software Engineer, NOAA's National Ocean Service.

Advanced Editor

  • Track changes.
  • Markdown viewer.
  • Code folding/Code blocks.
  • Variable highlighting.
  • Auto Abbreviation, conditional snippets, macros, user scripts.
  • Key bindings.

Code Intelligence

  • Symbol browser.
  • Code refactoring.
  • Autocomplete and Calltips.
  • 3rd party library support.

Graphical Debugging

  • Local and remote debugging.
  • Breakpoint configuration.
  • Multithreaded and multi-process debugging.
  • HTTP inspector.

Version Control & Integrated Tools

  • Build systems integration (PhoneGap, Cordova...

최신 뉴스

Komodo IDE 11.1
Komodo IDE 11.1
June 22, 2018신규 버전
언어 서버 프로토콜 (Language Server Protocol, LSP) 지원과 150개 이상의 기타 개선사항을 추가합니다.
Komodo IDE 11.01
Komodo IDE 11.01
November 7, 2017신규 버전
유지 보수 릴리스는 여러 수정 및 개선사항을 제공합니다.
Komodo IDE 11
Komodo IDE 11
October 4, 2017신규 버전
업데이트된 CodeIntel, DevDocs.io Integration 및 Print Debugging을 포함합니다.
Komodo IDE 10.2
Komodo IDE 10.2
September 21, 2017신규 버전
Web 및 Mobile App 개발용 IDE.
ActiveState Platform is licensed on an annual basis and requires you to renew each year to continue to use the software. ActiveState’s Platform accounts are sold based on tiers: ActiveState Platform...

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