Oxygen XML Author Professional V23.1 Build ID: 2021082307

Released: Aug 24, 2021

V23.1 Build ID: 2021082307 버젼 업데이트


  • Components/Security: Updated the Apache Commons Compress library to version 1.21.
  • Publishing Engine/Libraries: Updated the ICU4J third-party library to version 69.1.


  • Author/Right-To-Left Text: Fixed an error that happened sometimes when XML documents containing right-to-left text were edited in the Author editing mode.
  • HTML/Outline: Fixed a NullPointerException error that happened in an HTML document when trying to edit attributes from the contextual menu of the Outline view.
  • Oxygen PDF Chemistry: Removed a warning that was displayed when printing a topic with IDs inside a table's title.
  • WebHelp Responsive/Security: Fixed an issue to prevent HTML injection in the search field's auto-complete drop-down list.
  • Publishing Engine: Fixed an issue where references with an external scope to the HTML documents that contain query strings caused the publishing engine to break.
  • Eclipse Plugin: Fixed an issue where the Help feature became unresponsive when the Oxygen Eclipse plugin contents were displayed.