TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET 32.0 SP3

Released: Apr 29, 2024

32.0 SP3 버젼 업데이트


Mail Merge

  • Added support for merging SVG images into documents using MailMerge class.


Web Editor

  • Specified argument was out of range error when pasting into web editor.
  • Touchscreen issue: scrolling and editing not functional on certain systems.
  • Page number cannot be inserted in DocumentEditor.
  • textParts.getItem method returns the header instead of the footer.
  • FormattedText.getLocation throws TypeError.
  • "Insert page number" button is inactive.
  • Loading a document doesn't refresh the vertical scrollbar.
  • Properties AllowDrag and AllowDrop are missing in JS API.
  • Line breaks in comments show up as "<br>" in the comments sidebar.
  • Textframes and signaturefields not selectable, when loaded into RenderMode = Vector.
  • Drop-down and combo box list items cannot be deleted through the Form Fields ribbon tab.
  • Ribbon is "jumping back" when horizontally scrolled.
  • Editor in Blazor/React with Strict-Mode loads JS twice, causing error.

Text Fields

  • Empty TextFormField assumes a different width when removed.
  • Deletion of data possible in non-editable field.
  • Changing selection for editable TextField not possible.

Text Filters

  • Comparing font size in TX Text Control and MS Word.
  • PDF Export: Table overlaps header and footer.

Button Bar

  • TX_SETTEXTEFFECTS message: Wrong lParam value.


  • Cutting an image and pasting it results in an empty image.


  • Inconsistent behaviour of undo and tracked changes.

Image Filters

  • Memory is not freed when loading a document with images.

Printing Problems

  • Table lines overlap header, footer, and page break in PDF.


  • Table tools still displayed when current line is outside of table.

Track Changes

  • Error 01-241E thrown when adding a new table row while track changes is active and the sidebar is open.


  • Unique TX_ Unicode ID attributes are no longer supported by Safari.


  • Typo in documentation.


  • Table attributes dialog doesn't retain existing settings.