UltraEdit All Access – inclui UltraEdit v2022.1

Inclui novos recursos de navegação na paleta de comandos, integração do WebView2 e melhor segurança de SFTP.
Agosto 10, 2022 - 16:13
Nova versão


  • Added an interactive login for SFTP (2FA support):
    • You can now connect to servers that require two-factor authentication (2FA) or time-based one-time passwords (TOTP).
    • Added new "Interactive login" account option (Advanced tab).
    • Added a single persistent connection which is used for 2FA accounts to prevent multiple 2FA prompts.
    • The connection stays alive during file editing to avoid further 2FA prompts.
  • Improved Google Chrome (Edgium) rendering for browser view / live preview:
    • Upgraded HTML / Markdown preview to modern rendering engine.
    • Requires WebView2 browser component from Microsoft (included in Windows 11, available on Windows 10).
    • Added a fallback to older browser control for legacy rendering on systems not supporting WebView2.
  • Command palette expansions:
    • Added the ability to quick open any previously opened file.
    • Added the ability to quick open any file.
    • Added Go-to shorthand.
    • Templates are now included in command palette.
  • Syntax highlighting parser overhaul:
    • Syntax highlighting is now maintained when selecting.
    • Added support for block comments opened with same characters as line comments.
    • Added support for arbitrary string pairs (square brackets, backticks, etc.).
    • Added support for Perl quote-like string operators like qq(STRING).
    • Improved XML code highlighting with embedded CDATA sections.
  • HTML Tidy overhaul:
    • Updated HTML Tidy library to latest version.
    • Added a new HTML Tidy UI with dozens of additional options.
    • Added a new command and associated key mapping to run HTML Tidy.
  • Output window improvements and additions:
    • You can now add and remove any number of output windows.
    • Added the ability to rename output window tabs.
    • Added the ability to select and copy partial or whole lines in output window.
  • Other notable user experience improvements:
    • Added the ability to rename unsaved file tab.
    • User tools now automatically import embedded icon from external executable.
    • Re-engineered user clipboards now support selections of >4 GB (exceeding Microsoft Windows clipboard limitations).
    • "Add file to project" now uses regular File Open dialog.
    • Reformat JSON now automatically applies code highlighting.
    • Size column is now right-aligned in all FTP file lists.
HTML browser and live preview powered by WebView2.

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