Licenciamento do Advanced Installer Enterprise

Se precisar conversar sobre os seus requisitos de licenciamento de Advanced Installer Enterprise, entre em contato com nossos especialistas em licenciamento Caphyon.

Licensed per-user. This means that a Named User who owns the license may install and use the software on up to five computers (including operating systems and Virtual Machine Environments).

Under the terms of a Floating License, you may install the Software on an unlimited number of machines. All machines using the Software must have the ability to communicate with a license server. The number of users that may use the Software concurrently at any time must not exceed the number of Floating User Licenses purchased for such use.

You can create an unlimited number of install packages and you can distribute them royalty free to an unlimited number of users, to be installed on an unlimited number of computers.

Advanced Installer Maintenance Plans give you access to all application updates (both major and minor) and technical support. If you choose not to renew your Maintenance Plan, you can still use your licensed version of Advanced Installer, but you will lose the periodical application updates and technical support. For customers that purchase or already own multiple licenses, a Maintenance Plan must be purchased for each license.

  • Application Updates - Your copy of Advanced Installer application will always be up to date, so you can benefit from all the available enhancements that are released during the period your maintenance plan is valid. A valid Maintenance Plan gives you access to all product updates, major and minor. There is no extra fee to upgrade to the latest Advanced Installer version.
  • Technical Support - Your support inquiries will receive priority answers from our professional Support Team.

Professional Edition Features

  • Visual Studio Extension
  • Continuous Integration
  • MSIX
  • Themes
  • Updater
  • Prerequisites
  • IIS
  • Mixed 32/64-bit
  • Internationalization
  • Java Native Launcher

Enterprise Edition Features - includes all Professional Features plus

  • XML Patching
  • Dialog Editor
  • Patches
  • Databases
  • Trial and Licensing
  • Merge Modules Authoring
  • EXE to MSI (wrapper)
  • Automated VM Testing
  • Microsoft Web Deploy
  • Drivers

Architect Edition Features - includes all Enterprise Features plus

  • Repackager
  • MSI Quick-Edit
  • Reports Generator
  • App-V
  • MSIX (Re)packaging
  • MSIX Package Editor
  • SCCM
  • Intune

Contratos de Licença

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Outubro 14, 2021