Lançamentos do Aspose.Email for Android via Xamarin

Released: Oct 12, 2017

Atualizações na V17.10


  • Retrieve appointments with recurrences and dates filters.


  • EWSClient.GetMailboxSize behaviour.
  • Attachment name wrong on Non-Japanese Windows.
  • EWS client can't load emails in folders containing large number of messages.
  • MapiMessage.BodyHtml does not return correct value.
  • Attached Word document in Outlook message is corrupted on Save.
  • Multi-octet character split across adjacent encoded-word with UTF8 encoding.
  • Mht empty when converting from msg with SkipInlineImages = true...

Released: Sep 10, 2017

Atualizações na V17.9


  • PSTs generated from Aspose are much bigger in size.
  • Aspose.Email is unable to process an EML file when it has extra line breaks in the message.
  • EML to EMLx: Resultant message body not visible in Apple Mail.
  • Pop3Client connection thread leak.
  • MHTML: Plain text body is lost during loading.
  • MSG with HTML body: Whitespaces between non-latin characters are lost.
  • MSG with RTF body: Non-latin characters are replaced with question marks.
  • Difference in From address with On behalf of.
  • EWSClient...

Released: Aug 10, 2017

Atualizações na V17.8.0


  • Embedded resources in a message can now be saved alongside the converted HTML.
  • Added support for Exchange 2016.


  • Smtp functionality with System.Threading.
  • EML to MSG results in malformed output.
  • PDF attachment can't be recognized from attachments.
  • Attachments not recognized in MSG file.
  • Timezone property for recurrence.
  • Pop3.FetchMessage raises exception with FIPS compliant environment.