DataParts for SharePoint 2007

DataParts for SharePoint 2007 is a set of Web Parts from Software FX that enable you to add business intelligence, data visualization and analysis to your SharePoint portals. DataParts for SharePoint 2007 enhances your SharePoint portals by providing a number of web parts that facilitate data visualization and analysis and that are easily connected to different types of data, such as SharePoint lists, Business Data Catalogs and even SQL databases. With DataParts for SharePoint 2007, visualizing and analyzing data becomes easy through the use of advanced lists, card views, charts, digital panels and radial, linear and horizontal gauges that can be easily configured to visualize the type of data desired in just minutes. By providing the building blocks such as charts, improved AJAX lists, gauges and maps, DataParts deliver the ideal combination of easy-to-use data visualization and analysis tools, formatted and displayed based on the unique requirements of the individual and your entire organization.

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One software license is required per SharePoint user. Please read the License Agreement in the Documentation section to ensure you are licensed correctly.

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