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DEXTUpload .NET Pro

DEXTUpload.NET Pro is a component that supports file upload and download from a Web browser to an IIS web server. DEXTUpload.NET Pro observes Internet standards (RFC 1867) and can be used in Microsoft ASP.NET. When uploading mass storage files, DEXTUpload.NET Pro is quick and uses minimal resources. Users can monitor the upload progress by using a Server-side Graphical Progress Indicator in real time.

About DEXTUpload .NET Professional

DEXTUpload .NET Professional is a Windows Component running on a web server that is HTTP-based and serves to upload files from web browsers to a web server quickly and efficiently. It runs on any IIS(Internet Information Server) on a Windows platform for websites developed with ASP.NET. We are continuously improving the performance and convenience-of-use through the development of various additional functions.

DEXTUpload .NET Professional is perfectly...

Últimas Notícias

DEXTUpload .NET Pro updated
DEXTUpload .NET Pro updated
DEXTUpload .NET Pro supports ASP.NET 4.0
DEXTUpload .NET Pro supports ASP.NET 4.0
Version 4.0 also adds support for IIS 7.0 Integrated Pipeline Mode in Windows 2008.

Preços a partir de: $ 450.00

One software license is required per server. Run-time royalty free. Important - Please note that there may be a delay before you can use this software as a unique License key needs to be generated...

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