Lançamentos do FastCube .NET

Released: Oct 20, 2022

Atualizações na 2021.1.5


  • Fixed error with null reference exception on empty filter submit.
  • Fixed error with representing Time values if no display format is set.

Released: Jun 4, 2021

Atualizações na 2021.1


  • Added FastReport Business Graphics extension. Connect FastCube .NET data to FastReport Business Graphics for interactive data visualization.
  • Added ListDataSet component which allows you to load cube data using Microsoft Windows Forms Data Binding.
  • Added Copy menu item to the SliceGrid XAxisZone and YAxisZone context menu. The menu item copies the caption of the selected node to the clipboard.
  • Paste from clipboard operation in a popup list now executes search operation.
  • Double clicking...

Released: Oct 13, 2020

Atualizações na 2020.2


  • Added Mono platform support. Starting with this version FastCube.Net adds support for the cross-platform Mono framework.
  • Before this release FastCube.Olap package shipped with dependency on FastReport library. This dependency has now been moved and integration with FastReport split into separate packages FastReport.Olap.Report for the Microsoft .NET platform and FastReport.Olap.ReportMono for the Mono platform.
  • Expression editor now shows dimension/measure/field names instead of their...

Released: Apr 7, 2020

Atualizações na 2020.1


  • Added ASP.Net Core support
    • Two interactive web-controls are ready for use: WebSliceGrid and WebCubeGrid (SliceGrid and CubeGrid for web).
  • Export to the cloud (Google Drive, DropBox and FTP).
  • Improved bar chart highlight.
  • Improved cell highlight abilities.

Released: Nov 15, 2019

Atualizações na 2019.4


  • Expressions
    • This release brings expressions support to FastCube.Net. Before it was only possible to add calculated measures or totals using the scipt on C# or VB.Net, which was inconvenient for people who did not handle reports on daily basis.
  • Cube options dialog
    • New 'Cube Options' dialog replaces 'Information' dialog and adds the ability to switch script language and add assemblies to particular cubes.
  • DisplayFormat for dimensions
    • Added the ability to set display format to dimensions...

Released: May 27, 2019

Atualizações na 2019.3


  • Added Nuget package FastCube.Core which allows working with cubes in ASP.NET and console applications.
  • Added date split to half year.
  • Added SliceGrid.StatusZone.FloatFormat and SliceGrid.StatusZone.IntegerFormat. Use them to change format of values in StatusBar.
  • Added groupcreationby condition in code (Group.CreateGroupByRange) and in SliceGrid menu.
  • Grouping and filtering through the axes context menu now handles selection.
  • Added ZoneRestrictions.DontShowDropDown item.
  • Added designer...

Released: Feb 22, 2019

Atualizações na 2019.2


  • Added BeforeProgress event to grids.
  • Added more items to CubeGrid context menu.
  • Added property CubeGrid.FilterManager.
  • Added classes UniqueValuesFieldFilterDataProvider, CubeFilterPopup and FilterOrderedRecordSet.
  • Significantly speedup Excel2007 export for big tables, reduced memory use.
  • Slice clearing resets "Measures" field caption.


  • Fixed progress form localization.
  • Fixed localization errors.