Lançamentos do GoLand

Released: Jul 29, 2021

Atualizações na 2021.2.x


Updated Oct 21, 2021


  • GoLand now works correctly on macOS 12 beta 6.
  • Fixed a problem caused by an unexpected crash on macOS.


Updated Sep 15, 2021


  • Fixed the delay when searching for interface implementations on some machines.
  • “Convert path to absolute” is no longer shown in go.mod.
  • ESLint 8.0 support now works as expected.


Updated Sep 1, 2021


  • Result of call hierarchy is not correct.
  • Unable to create groovy script.
  • "Use Option as Meta key" option state...

Released: Apr 8, 2021

Atualizações na 2021.1.x


Updated Jun 10, 2021


  • Go Build
    • Gocheck doesn't show under package wide test menu.
  • Go Debugger
    • Delve version doesn't update if debugger is running before update.
    • Unable to update Delve from old GoLand version on M1 during update.
    • Add Delve version to troubleshooting.txt.
  • Code Generation
    • Completion doesn't work in Modify Table if the casing doesn't match.
    • DataGrip SQL Server - Exclude Extended properties from Generate DDL.
  • Connectivity
    • Can't connect to remote MySQL since last version...

Released: Dec 3, 2020

Atualizações na 2020.3.x


Updated Mar 16, 2021


  • The 'trust host' checkbox label in the Trust And Open Gradle/Maven Project dialog.
  • Unnecessary backslash escape in triple-backticked bash block.
  • Error debugging Mocha tests run with Vue CLI due to "Unknown argument: jobs".


Updated Mar 4, 2021


  • Go 1.16: tests calling os.Exit(0) will now panic.
  • Dependencies inside go.mod are shown red although they are resolved.
  • 'go build' defaults to 'GO111MODULE=on' for Go 1.16 in GOPATH-based projects.
  • Crash...

Released: Jul 30, 2020

Atualizações na 2020.2.x


Updated Sep 17, 2020


  • Added the ability to show 'GOROOT is not defined' notification in go.mod.
  • Usages Preview adds the ability to quickly filter references in comments.
  • Added the ability to copy the URL to clipboard when sharing code to Go Playground.
  • Added "Go fmt" option to Preferences for New Projects.
  • Added support WeakRefs and FinalizationRegistry.


  • Fixed the problem which causes duplication of run configurations instead of reusing them.
  • Fixed the problem causing the...

Released: Jul 9, 2020

Atualizações na 2020.1.4


  • New Refresh schema quick-fix helps you make sure that your database query is properly highlighted.
  • GoLand now allows you to update cells and, add/remove columns and rows, in the Table editor for updatable views.


  • Fixed a UI freeze.
  • Calling the –help argument in сommand-line launcher no longer opens the dialog in the IDE and doesn’t close the IDE itself.
  • JBR 11 is updated to v11.0.7+10-b765.64.
  • Resolved keyboard issue on Ubuntu 20.04 and Gnome 3.36 with IBus enabled...

Released: Jun 4, 2020

Atualizações na 2020.1.3


  • GoLand 2020.1.3 no longer warns you about calls of pointer methods when the return type is an alias of a pointer type.
  • The Type compatibility check code inspection correctly handles interfaces that have overlapping methods, a feature that was added in Go 1.14.
  • Reviewed the performance of the Invalid composite literals code inspection, and it now works faster.
  • In the debugger, the value of struct derived from time.Time or net/http.Request is displayed as expected.
  • Opening of the Event...

Released: May 6, 2020

Atualizações na 2020.1.2


  • Postfix Completion - A Postfix Completion template for removing values from slices, aptly named .remove Together with the other Postfix Completion templates such as .append, .aappend, .for, .forr, .len, and .cap, this adds to our ongoing effort to make editing Go code easier and simpler.
  • Debugger performance improvements - Reduced the amount of data requested from Delve, as larger requests were causing the debugger to crash in some cases.
  • C compiler optimizations are now properly...

Released: Apr 24, 2020

Atualizações na 2020.1.1


Go Build Systems

  • Ability to perform Tidy on go.mod file in IntelliJIDEA Go Plugin.

Go Debugger

  • Turn off C compiler optimizations by default when debugging an application.

Data Import & Export

  • A slightly pleasant usability for Dump Data dialog.

Data Views

  • Pasting dataset exceeding current data view should create new lines.

JavaScript. Frameworks

  • Vue.js: support v-slot in PHP, Twigs and other file types.
  • Support for vuex modules created via functions.
  • Vuex: support doesn't work...

Released: Apr 9, 2020

Atualizações na 2020.1


Go Module Improvements

  • Go 1.13’s environment variables GOPROXY, GOPRIVATE, GOSUMDB, GONOPROXY, and GONOSUMB are now supported. Configure their default values using the Go Modules projects template. Simply click the Browse icon in the Environment field to open the new Environment Variables dialog.
  • Code completion for go, module, require, replace, exclude keywords, dependencies’ names, and replacements with local paths is available for go.mod file.
  • Rename and Move refactorings are...

Released: Mar 24, 2020

Atualizações na 2019.3.4


Go Testing

  • Testify individual test run and debug disabled in 2019.3.3.

No subsystem

  • "Preview update" does not work when table is not introspected.

DB Refactoring

  • "Preview update" does not work when using an alias.

Data Import & Export

  • CSV/TXT import to Microsoft SQL Database without importing an ID value.


  • JavaScript RegExp error: Unclosed character class.

JavaScript. Frameworks

  • Incorrect Angular "Missing or invalid component declaration in module" inspection.