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    Descrição: Cross Platform file history and version control management system. Syncro SVN Client makes it easier to share documents and code between content authors or developers. This multiplatform Subversion front-end allows you to browse repositories, check for ... Leia mais

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    Descrição: IDE for high quality iOS and Mac OS Apps. AppCode is an Objective-C IDE for developers building apps for Apple devices such as Macs, iPhones & iPads. It is focused on developer productivity, code quality and tight integration with Xcode. AppCode comes ... Leia mais

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    Descrição: Repository browsing and code review. Upsource helps you browse your source code repositories, share, discuss and review code that you and your team create. Git, Mercurial, Subversion and Perforce are all supported. Upsource summarizes recent changes in ... Leia mais

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    Descrição: File and Folder Comparison and Synchronization. DeltaWalker, is a file and folder comparison and synchronization software application/diff tool, lets you compare, edit, and merge files and synchronize folders, local and remote. It does so visually and ... Leia mais

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    Descrição: Highly scalable, powerful, embeddable database. InterBase is a full-featured, high performance, multi-platform, scalable relational database. It is for software developers who are looking to embed a low cost, zero-admin, lightweight database into their ... Leia mais

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    Descrição: Fast validation and processing engine for XML and XBRL. Altova RaptorXML is a hyper-fast XML, XBRL, and JSON processor optimized for the latest standards and parallel computing environments. Designed to be highly cross-platform capable, the engine takes ... Leia mais

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    Descrição: Quickly find information on a CD, DVD or USB device. Windex is an off-line search engine that does not force the user to install or configure any software on their computer. It includes multi-format document index (HTML, Word, PDF, XML, etc), exclusion of ... Leia mais

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    Descrição: Static code analyzer monitors software systems for technical quality and enforces software architecture rules. Sonargraph is a powerful static code analyzer that allows you to monitor a software system for technical quality and enforce rules regarding ... Leia mais

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    Descrição: Quickly create advanced MAC OS X installers. BitRock InstallBuilder for MAC OS X allows you to create small, easy to use, MAC OS X installers with no external dependencies. BitRock InstallBuilder for MAC OS X includes advanced functionality like automatic ... Leia mais

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    Descrição: Crossplatform packaging tool specifically for Qt developers. InstallBuilder for Qt®, is a crossplatform packaging tool specifically for Qt developers. InstallBuilder for Qt includes robust functionality that makes it easy to build complex installers ... Leia mais